Hiking with children can be a superb experience and an inexpensive way for spending a quality time together as a family. It is one of the  great outdoors full of wilderness.

1.Involving them in the hiking

Make them excited for the next hike by involving them in the trip and route planning.Let them pick the hike,take part in making trail map, buying hiking book,information collections and taking their suggestions.Keep them engaged during the hike.However,you should set the standard.

2.Make it fun and adventure

It is better to choose multiple options for hiking.Pick shorter hikes if children are involving.Plan the hikes to popular destination. Waterfall hiking and popular lookout station can be the best destination for children to make fun.Children are unknowingly adventure loving people.Therefore,try to make the hike fun and add some adventures in it.


Create games that you and your children can play out on the trail. Make them play games to keep your kids entertained as you walk-on.Spy ,guessing games,counting games ,birds or animals imitation and story-telling can make the hike interesting keeping them eager to keep going.


Invite another family with the kids of similar ages on the hiking journey which makes them interested in the hikes.Hiking with their friends circle makes their hike fun.So,give invitation to their close friends if possible.

5. Go often and be flexible

It may be one of the best time with your children.Therefore,make it as a part of your life to explore and get outdoors.Go often for hike with your children.Kids can change their minds 10 times within 10 minutes.Be willing and considering with their needs and expectations during the entire trails.

6.Get a finest hiking shoes and bags for your children

Get a finest hiking shoes and bag for your kid,tell him about it and its uses during the hike,show some videos about hiking.Your kid may be interested to go for the hike on the new hiking shoes.

‘’Give some reasons for your kids to go for a hike.’’