"You’ll never see, until you go for it. So, go for a Hike."

We find most people are going outside, hiking, spending less time indoors and more time outside these days. It seems like a current trend or “fashion statement”. Besides this, there are so many reasons why so many people do it. Here 8 reasons I suggest you should “Take a Hike”.

1.Healthy and a great exercise-Beneficial for body,mind and soul

Climbing and moving from point A to point B,especially carrying a heavy backpack on for many days,is not an easy task.Though,difficult but hikers find it interesting which is quite good exercise.It increases the muscles strength, helps in lose weight,decreases hypertension,increases body stamina and reduces heart diseases. It also offers mental health benefits by relieving stress and anxiety.


2.Cheap-Don’t require a high budget

Hiking is comparatively cheap comparatively the other outdoor activities. You don’t require so high budget for the hike.


3.Escape from the Real World-‘’feel the touch with the nature’’

Walking on the natural trails,stopping for a moment to sit on the rock and think,climbing the mountains and again moving down the slopes,discovering the beauty of the lakes,drinking fresh water of the rivulets on the way.Wow,you are in the home of the nature away from the hectic world.Flora, birds ,animals and insects along the way of hiking trails makes you fall in love with them.


4. Time to enlarge your friends’ circle along the way- ‘’Quality Time with Friends’’

Youngsters generally regard friends as their siblings from the different parents.Everyone love roadtrips,with the friends close to them.It can be a memorable and bonding experience of their life.
Hiking in the natural environment,making fun and unforgettable conversations with the friends;it’s an incredible time.The hiking community,spread over the social media,instagram,facebook has allowed many people make new friends.
You may even meet your special someone of your life for the first time in the Hike.There are many such cases in the world.


5. Heart-stirring glimpses ,Splendid time to capture the moments

You go for the hike to the destination of your choice with the proper plan,preparation and resources.Hike is not always interesting but maybe painful sometimes.Aside all,the splendid views of extremely beautiful trees,lakes wildlife,rivulets,waterfalls,people and their cultures are so adorable.
The first thing you need to do is to capture the splendid moments forever.


6.Dares you to the extreme limits-Challenges your limits

Hiking push you the extreme limits.It dares your limits without competing with anyone else next to you but only yourself. It’s an interpersonal challenge to your own capabilities and limits which is not meant with the other person. It may be physical,mental and spiritual challenge.Hiking offers you to learn more yourself and make you an independent and better person.You’ll find it so try it.


7.Make you feel alive again on the lap of the nature

Spending our time on the computers,texting,watching TV and indoors is our daily routine. Hiking encourages you to step away from your desk and step back out into nature.
Moving towards the nature,you’ll be dazzled with every places you reach to.One will feel the nature inside you.The gain of sense of deeper value of yourself,for the nature makes you more self-reliant person.You will feel alive again on the lap of the nature.Live the moment and gain a gratefulness for the nature which you call a home.


8.Nonetheless,whever you go,it will always be a new adventure

New places,new ways,new activities,experiences, climate ,new people and cultures are the part of hike.Generally,hikers don’t have much idea about the new destination.Therefore,wherever you go,new adventure begins.