Perfect romantic camping makes you really forget about those gibberish stresses and share your love, feelings, and ideas to your loved one. The mesmerizing view of dark yellowish red sunset, the twinkling stars on that romantic night and the very warm beginning of your day seeing the dazzling sunrise view over the snow gowned mountains will be the romantic camping that makes you and your darling, an unforgettable lifetime experience. So, take a time to plan, and have perfect romantic camping at the mind-blowing destinations of Nepal with your loved ones.


Obviously, it is true that Nepal is one of the perfect destinations not only for adventure and cultural activities but also for honeymooners and romantic campers. Nepal is an unpolished jewel that has yet to have a sparkly phase. The diverse flavors of climate and land structure are the perfect specialty for romantic campers. The Terai, hills and mountains and ever-changing climate will truly make your camp glamorous. Soaring above the clouds camping at the higher altitude seeing the romantic scenery of beautiful snow gowned mountains and skinny greenery hills with your loved one is insanely awesome.

Beautiful Nepal will present you the astonishing blend of nature and sophisticated culture with several campgrounds. The relaxing sounds of birds and nature and hot springs and waterfalls on the walking trail will really be a romantic moment with your loved one.

You can hang the LED lights from a nearby tree or tent to bring a soft romance and make your camping to the next level. Also, you can have a candlelight dinner and a campfire with music and dance, play a couple of games and exchange your gift to each other. You and your darling can have a night walk and express each other’s loves, sorrows, and feelings. And finally on the chillier weather, away from bustling cities, taking light drinks and cuddling each other throughout the night in a queen-sized sleeping bag will surely be a perfect romantic night with your life.

This is how you make a romantic camp and “WOW” with the love of your life. Check out our travel packages for romantic camping inside Nepal.