Christmas is the annual festival of Christians around the world which is celebrated on 25 December which has cultural and religious significance. These days, Christmas is celebrated around the world by Christians as well as non-Christians. Christmas means “Feast day” of Jesus Christ which is also known as Christian holiday. Christmas is observed   as the birthday of Lord Jesus, whom Christian believes to be the son of god and the third member of the holy trinity. The term “Christmas” comes from the Middle English “Crisestenmasse’ meaning Christian mass where Christian people remember Lord Jesus for his sacrifice to the world who came back to life after his death. Christmas is celebrated at midnight because the “Christ-Mass” was only allowed only after sunset and before the sunrise of the next day.

Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas, which has been a festival celebrated from the middle ages, filled with custom music and food.

Belief, love and hope are included in Christmas but best of all is the love comes first. So, Christmas is the day to remember about the Lord Jesus, because Jesus is the savior for us, who delivers us from sin and death. We celebrate Christmas because it was at Christmas time that the rescuer of mankind came to save us from sin, to save the world   for his son ship and by sacrificing himself to death to give us life, to transfer us from kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his beloved son, when hopeless situation is facing towards us.

Christmas is not only the festival for Santa Claus but also for Christmas cakes, and Christmas carols wishing a “Merry Christmas”. It is about sharing and helping others. On this day, people definitely teach us to practice,kindness and love towards each other, and help those who have less knowledge about it. A festival is equally loved and cherished by adults and kids. During Christmas, people visit family or friends exchanging presents and gifts, decorates their houses with lights and Xmas tree.There may be a gathering among friends and family enjoying Christmas with delicious foods and beautiful songs. People starts to decorate their home and areas for Christmas with lights and Christmas tree before a week of Christmas. Religious people go to church and light the candles to pray to the Lord, Jesus Christ. On the occasion of Christmas, the major attractions  is “Christmas Tree” also known as X-Mas tree, which has its own special significance. The green fir tree symbolizes the eternal life of Jesus Christ, while the red color of apples are considered to be the blood of Jesus. The holy then started being attached to the tree’s branches, this shrub representing immortality and being a symbol of the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the cross. A Christmas tree is decorated usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pin or fir, traditionally associated with the celebrations of Christmas. Before 25 December, adults, kids, veterans, all are involved in the decoration of the Christmas. Tree- Candles, toffees and a great variety of cakes are tied with ribbon and paper napkins to the tree. On Christmas night, homemade traditional plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins are the special treats on Christmas. Kids are showered with lot of presents and new dresses. Before the arrival of this festival, people decorate their homes and churches with a plenty of preparations. On this special occasion, people prepare dinner party with delicious dishes, cuisines, dessert, etc decorated on the dining table. People wear colorful clothes, dance, sing, and celebrate with full of enjoyment. It is believed that on the arrival of 24th December, father of Christmas Saint Nicholas, (Santa Claus) fluffy   dressed in a red and white customs comes on the midnight to make children happy greeting them with hugs and gifts and giving them presents of sweets and toys.

Things people do during Christmas to make it memorable:

1.Decoration with lights and X Mas tree

People are engaged in decoration of homes and gardens a week before Christmas with sparkling lights and beautiful green X-mas tree filled with presents and gifts.

2. Visiting different Christmas events

These days, Christmas is celebrated all over the world in grand way. Different Christmas events are organized keeping in mind to all the attendees in the programs. Many youngsters   as well as adults visits the various events including concerts, gatherings and many more.

3. Preparing Delicious Foods

Christians prepare different types of delicious food such as cookies, chocolates, muffins, plum cakes , pudding and many more.

4. Spending time outdoors

Christmas is a public holiday for Christians. Generally, in western countries, people go on vacation and  spends time outdoors during the festive season of Christmas.

5. Visiting Churches

Religious people visit Churches for special prayers and blessings from pastors and Lord Jesus on the special occasion of Christmas.

6. Listening Christmas Songs

On the festival of Christmas, there is no doubt of listening to Christmas songs rather than any other types of songs.

7. Go Christmas Caroling

Caroling with friends and relatives, knocking the neighborhood doors is going to the best memory of Christmas for Christians.

8.Greeting and Wishing everyone "Merry Christmas"

Christmas is a great time for sharing happiness and greetings with family and friends. It feels so great wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas" which comes one in a year.

9.Snapshots with the Santa Claus

Santa Claus,a fluffy man dressed in red and white looks so cute. To have a snapshots with the Santa Claus in Christmas is the most demanding thing during Christmas. Santa Claus is the celebrity of the Christmas time, because everyone is asking a click with him. So, don't miss to take a beautiful snapshot with the red and white fluffy, Santa Claus.

10.Sharing Gifts and Chocolates

Sharing and caring is always beautiful. Christmas is the time of celebration among friends and family. People shares gifts and chocolates among them. Little kids are more cheerful during Christmas, as their parents and their beloved Santa Claus are giving those gifts and chocolates.

Christmas has been popular these days and billions of people around the world celebrate Christmas in their own way. Christmas as the main festival of Christians as well as the time of celebrations for Christians and non-Christians around   the world is the occasion of sharing of happiness and gathering among family and friends in a year.

It is the festive time for the season.

Lord Christ is the main reason.

It’s the time of celebration.

On the way of New Year invitation.

Enjoying with joy and peace and time precious,

In the memory of  Lord Jesus.

Wising you all a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.