Paragliding in NEPAL  - Nepal is full of adventures. Among different adventures - PARAGLIDING is one of the most exciting adventures and you should not miss while you are in Nepal.

Best season for flight

Paragliding season starts in September and ends in early June. With the beginning of the monsoon season after June, there is an unusual scenery. The favorable flying weather condition in monsoon season will amuse the trip by pleasant never seen before view. However the best season to your uninterrupted flight start in: SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and FEBRUARY, MARCH. In these month the thermals develop quickly and the flight can take a peak of 3000 meters.

Best time for flight

The earth needs to be hot enough to create thermals to lift. With the best thermals the flight can be very exciting. If you are looking for the calm, less turbulent flight, then the morning flight can be best pick. The thermals will be hot when sun is out long enough to heat the earth. The best flight will be after 11:00 AM when thermals become active.

Flight are operated in different time schedule i.e. 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM and 14:00 PM depending on the weather conditions.

Is it SAFE?

The first thought we normally end up before our adventure is - Is it SAFE? And the answer to your doubt is Yes - it is safe, many adventure lovers have done it and you should be one of them don't miss the opportunity while you are here in Nepal. Cause doubt will kill more dream than any other things.

However it is an adventure and there is slightly risk involved. The risk occurs when there is a sudden change in wind during take-off and landing. But this does not end the adventure, does it? So its best to choose the companies which has insurance coverage. But not all companies will have insurance coverage so choose the reputed company.

For your safety pilots are certified license holders. But hey - if you go looking for the license of Nepal Government paragliding then you will find none. The reason is Nepal has no regulation for licensing. This does not end you dream to become a human falcon.

Since pilots are internationally certified and they hold the license from international paragliding schools. Schools like FAI, APPI and BHPA have trained Nepalese pilots. Upon completion of the course they are certified to fly from anywhere in the world on their own. They are fully licensed to carry out tandem flight after 2 years.

On every flight there is an extra parachute attached for emergency purpose. So you do not need to worry, just enjoy your flight as the experienced pilot will guide you through the skies.

Destinations for flight

Paragliding flights are conducted from different locations in Nepal. The most popular location are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bandipur, Sarangkot, Sirkot and Dharan where commercial flight operators can provide you with flight guidance and flight services. The view are mesmerizing from these location.


Pricing for the flight can vary from location to location and the season. Normally, price start from $85 and above. Companies provides different packages with different features. You can also add the photo/video to make your memory last forever in digital collection.

In Pokhara there are more than 19 paragliding companies operating with almost all having the fix price.

In peak season pricing can seem to be a bit expensive but when you are in the air and start to explore the view of the hawk eye then you will notice that its worth-while to spend a little more for a memorable adventure.


Booking can be made offline or online. Remember to book a day prior to your choice date so that the necessary arrangement can be made. For online booking you can visit the online booking portal

Or you can walk-in to the nearest travel agent, or make a call for booking your package.

As we apart, what I want to say is that - there is a risk, do face it you will enjoy it in the end. The memory will last forever and you will need a memory to share when you are free. Don't keep the jar of adventure empty. Fill it with as much adventures as you can and make the paragliding one of the adventure in your list.

See you in the skies - falcons.