The aviation industry is now starting the next journey carefully after the hard times of the COVID-19 crisis. Commercial airlines have begun their services, and some are on the way. The airlines are on their new venture ensuring the safety and hygiene measures of the highest standard.

Every airline introduces and implements new procedures throughout the journey. They are well-prepared from the check in to arrival at the destination, ascertaining the safety as the priority.

Airlines are enhancing the safety measures to make the passengers feel comfortable and safe across every step of the journey.

Check-In Online Most of the airlines has already initiated the online check-in and boarding services to reduce physical contact at the airport. You can take the boarding pass at your phone through the respective airline app.It will be easy for you if you pay attention to boarding requirements.

Arrive Early than before(at least 3 hours) After the COVID-19 outbreak, there are health screening procedures which may cause delay at the airport. It is good to arrive hours earlier for the flights. So, ensure that you arrived at least three hours before the journey and have plenty of time to check-in safely with no rush.

Physical distancing is the responsibility of all at all times from the check-in to arrival at the airport. So, all the concerned must be aware of it. Social distancing is viable for carriers.

Maintain physical distance

The travelers should be maintaining social distancing at all places and follow markers and signs. Keep a 1.5 to 2-meter distance as per the airlines during the check-in and boarding process. The airports have more space between you and other guests.

Protective Wellness Kits is available onboard for all passengers, containing a face mask, gloves, and hand gel.

Thermal screening Airlines are using contact less temperature screening on all arrival and departure passengers to selected destinations for COVID-19 symptoms. Temperature screening is a pre-requisite to entering all site-controlled areas/activities and before boarding flights to the site. Advanced thermal screening helmets have infrared technologies. The airlines are taking a trial of full-body disinfection for staff involved in quarantine and public health duties to safeguard the health of the crew.

Checked Baggage Only Airlines have recommended only bringing checked baggage for the ease movement. Some destinations have not allowed hand luggage. So be sure about the baggage requirements at your destination.

Face Mask All passengers need to wear a face-covering at all times, from boarding to disembarkation(landing). It is better to bring your mask from home.

Face Mask Anytime

Face Shield The airlines provide the face shields at the airport to wear when boarding and disembarking. It is compulsory to wear face shields onboard, except when eating or drinking.

Personal protective equipment The cabin crew needs to various safety procedures to protect everyone on board. All the cabin crew will now wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times in addition to masks, protective glasses, and gloves. Face coverings and temperature checking is a must for all passengers, crew, and staff. There are strict guidelines to avoid contact with the local community.

Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer bottles are available on the flight for you to use at any time. All passengers regularly should wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the plane.

Headsets & Newspapers and magazines Sanitized and hygienically headset are available in the flight. Airlines are making digital newspapers and magazines available for passengers. The airlines have laid new seats covers and carpets.

Cleaning & Regular sanitization All baggage belts, trolleys, and surfaces are sanitized from time to time to keep disinfected. Aircraft manufacturer-approved chemical disinfectant cleans the hard surfaces of the aircraft, such as the armrests, chair tables, corridors, and toilets. Some airlines have even deployed robots to clean and sanitize all of our planes on arrival at each destination.

Air Filtration System The HEPA air filters are the most advanced technology which captures 99% of airborne contaminants. HEPA filter and air circulation technology ensure the highest possible quality of air every two minutes. Most of the airlines are using this air filtration system.

Baggage disinfection All departure, arrival, and transfer baggage are sanitized in the hub airport of respective airlines for the baggage disinfection. Malaysia Airports has installed UV light to disinfect luggage before it is ready for collection.

Adjusted meal service Modified meal service designed by airlines reduces contact with the crew.

Health declarations The arriving passengers must have Mandatory health declarations, COVID-19 testing, and also stay in quarantine as per the condition at the destination.

COVID-19 Test Result

Avoid travel if you are unwell It is wise to avoid flying if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 Are you feeling unwell?-stay at home and take rest. The airlines are providing plenty of options to rebook your flight. They have offered flexible fares to change your trip.

Wellness Ambassadors To make the passengers feel comfortable and cared for travel, some airlines have a trained team of Wellness Ambassadors. The team will be answering the queries and sharing advice to make a safe flight. The wellness Ambassadors will ensure that global health and hygiene regulations when you travel.

The airlines are operating their flights fulfilling the criteria of their commitment ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers. Now, with the new technologies and advanced safety measures, we can fly confidently. Safety is the priority of everyone.