I hope this News Letter finds you well,

Everyone is struggling these days while promoting products, services, finding jobs and various other reasons. There are so many problems that keep popping up and it's very hard to solve those problems alone. Especially when we are lagging expertise in that particular sector. One head is not better than two heads. In my personal experience, if we look at the problem as a group and help each other, it becomes easier.

I am a software engineer and I know the power of groups and what it can do. I know the power of forums like StackOverflow where people keep posting about the problems, and how communities helping each other to solve complex problems. I know the power of open source projects like Linux, GIT, Kubernetes where developers from all over the world keep contributing to the projects just to make it better. It's "US" not "I" making these projects great. Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. I am a true believer of this statement.

I am writing this letter to reach out to you, what kind of problem you are facing and what we can do together to solve it? I created a simple Google Survey Form here. If you think we can help you, just fill out