Duration: 2 day
What we do: Holi Celebration, BBQ, Swimming, Rafting
Travel : By Bus
Time: 3-4 Hour
Rafting Length: 3 Hour
Rafting Distance: 22km
Rapid: around 10

Whitewater rafting is one of the most adventure thrilling vacations in Nepal. Number of myths scaring regular people from this safe and fun vacation. Today, I am going to share my rafting experience in Trishuli river. Actually me and some of my friends are decided to Celebrate Holi by doing rafting at Trishuli river. On Tuesday March 22nd the weather was beautiful. We reached Fishling, Trishuli about 10:30am and had time to get some coffee, take a little walk by the river and wait for whole group to arrive in dribs and drabs.

Trishuli river is not very rough. It did seem pretty safe to me, nothing too scary if you have done it before. We all had to wear helmets and lifejackets on the rafts, and it was plenty of fun. A briefing was given explaining how to sit in the raft and yell instructions about paddle(paddle, paddle fast, back, right, left and rest) ideas and what to do if we fall out ! It was quite a good instruction by Mr. Ale (the river guide).

We put all our mobile and valuables to a drum attached with raft. We started our rafting by 11:00am.The rive is deep and running very fast and perfect for beginners. The river is very changing, there are lots of rapids. Three hours of paddling have past and we finally pull into shore to set up camp for the night. Tents are already setup and our lunch is waiting for us. We are so hungry. After lunch, we setup campfire and did a great party, dancing, singing and playing.

Our bedding is very impressive, a bed in a tent like my room. It's all well managed like a hotel room.
Next morning we wake up at 07:00am, have breakfast. A quick change of clothes and return back to Kathmandu. That we've done this trip, yes I do recommend it of you are sporty nature. The hills and river in Trishuli make a nice day out especially if you are staying at a busier city area in Kathmandu. I especially thanks to WalkNepal.com for giving me such a nice trip.