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Bhotekoshi White River Rafting Day Trip


Let’s not think the moments about that we breathe, let’s think about the moments that take our breath away. In this hectic life ours we rarely get to witness such breathe taking moments. Keeping that in mind we have chosen an adventure sport that will make us feel livelier and not take much of our time as well.

White Water Rafting is an adventure sport that involves us taking a raft and navigating it through the unforgiving nature rivers. Here, in particular, we will be talking and taking you through the amazing adventures of White water rafting in Bhote Koshi.

Located almost on the 160 km north-east of the Kathmandu, the Bhote Koshi is the upper part of the seven river system, which is Sapta Koshi originating from the Zhangzangbo Glacier, of Tibet. It is the site to be seen by everyone once in their lifetime.

As is the nature of humans to conquer every obstacle that they see we set to conquer the relentless forces of Bhote Koshi and rafting is a perfect way to do so.

Out of all the mesmerizing experiences that Nepal has to offer this one of the most astounding ones. Many tourists in the number of thousands come to Nepal to experience and capitalizing on that many travel agencies have provided services that make traveling and rafting in Bhote Koshi easy and effective. We can choose amongst these agencies to make a trip efficient. If you are feeling particularly adventures you can always travel there by yourself as it is just approx. 3 hours’ drive through Araniko highway and make it about the journey and not only about the destination. Now we will be discussing deeply the one day trip BHOTE KOSHI which is certain to be a lifetime experience.

  • The best recreational outdoor adventurous activity 
  • Continuous white water rafting for 26 km
  • Rapids here are a solid class IV-V at high flow and a more classic III at lower levels 
  • The emerald green fields and terrace farming
  • Amazing curious villagers lining suspension bridges
  • Cascading waves and chutes of foam


No. of Days :
1 D
No. of Nights :
Min Age :
15 Yrs
Max Age :
70 Yrs
Min Weight :
20 Kg
Max Weight :
100 Kg
Min Pax Per Booking :
1 Pax
Max Pax Per Booking :
16 Pax
Available Group Capacity :
100 Pax
Trip Standard :
3 Star
Grade :
Best Seasons :
Trip Start Elevation :
0 m
Lowest Elevation :
0 m
Highest Elevation :
0 m
Trip Start Point :
Trip End Point :



Private rafting guide
Professional English speaking licensed guides highly trained and safety certified to international standards in Whitewater River Guiding, Swift Water Rescue, and Wilderness First Aid


What We Provide
Industry standard First Aid Kits
Safety helmets
High quality raft
Gopro or Waterproof Camera.

What To Bring
Sun block and lip balm.
Sunglasses (optional)
Sneakers, neoprene booties, or river shoes.
Zip Lock Baggies (to keep small things dry]



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