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Welcome to Goglides

That wonderful feeling --- you start the engine and your adventure begins?

At Goglides.com, our aim is to give you the freedom to search more. We create experiences that makes you smile, increase your heart beat and bring you a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.

What we're about

We want to make booking a gliding very simple.

Fly like a bird is a dream for everyone. Goglides brings you freedom to choose your best and cheap gliding package from various companies. We search various packages from different companies in a single click and show you all the information you need to make the best gliding decisions.

How we work

Making sure you have a great experience every time you book from us. We are a listing company. We're more than a listing site, because we stay with you every step of the way.

  1. Search: You search our site for the glide you want.
  2. Compare: We show you the best deals, reviews and ratings to help you to choose.
  3. Book : You pick the package you want, add any extras you'd like - such as transportation, photo/video, insurance, meals, sightseeing and book
  4. You're all set: We confirm your booking with the gliding company you choose, and confirm back to you.
  5. Pick you up: We come to your place or you need to come to gliding company you choose and we pick you up to gliding site.
  6. Have a fantastic glide: You glide and start fly like a bird.
  7. Enjoy our support: We're here 24/7 to support- before, during and after your trip.

Why use us

In Simple word, because we bringing you unbeatable price throughout your gliding journey.

Who we are

Goglides is the world's first integrated, real-time, largest gliding site, facilitating agents and user to meet each other in same place. Goglides offers you benefits unlike other gliding sites.