Many people underestimate the concept of creating a bucket list, however, it is the only true way to stay consistent with your plans and so that you won’t forget the dream you have getting caught in the chaos of the daily life schedule. You might also feel like you haven’t accomplished anything in life if you don’t have set any goals or gone beyond your schedule to chase your dreams.

Take the bucket list as the highlights of your life where you did something adventurous and which will be always a fond memory. So, to help you out to set your bucket list we have come up with some ideas although it mostly covers travel and adventures; check out these 22 best bucket list ideas and see which one fits perfectly for your adventure.

  1. Go trekking in the Himalayas : The snow-capped wonders are certainly the most majestic and divine beauty that humans have access to. Trekking in the Himalayas enjoying the rich flora, fauna, local lifestyle and tradition of the region will certainly be a wonderful experience. The beautiful landlocked country--Nepal has been the top destination in the world to enjoy the exploration of the rugged landscapes of the Himalayan regions. There are plenty of routes you can choose from like; Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang Trek, Gokyo Lake Trek, etc. to have the best trekking expeditions.
  2. The exploration of the Great Wall of China: Among the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is the most fascinating, spreading across the 21,000km, it is a wondrous man-made construction. However, it is not quite possible to walk across the full stretch of the great wall, you will be led through a few numbers of entrances to explore this architectural wonder. You can walk, even use a bicycle to move around, take a helicopter tour, or use cable car services available in the few areas. So, this amazing marvel should be included in your bucket list, the ideal season to have a pleasant adventure is from March to May(spring) or September to November(autumn).
  3. Photograph Salar de Uyuni: The famous destination Salar de Uyuni which is located in Bolivia is one of the largest salt flat deserts in the world. This hypnotizing destination is a popular destination among the photographers who want to portray their diverse perception of the salt desert through photography. The pristine white salt beauty and the pin-drop silence in the area will make you feel like you have stepped into another dimension. Also, make sure that you are carrying enough supplies, warm clothes, oxygen, fuel, food, and beverage on your trip as there are just a few small villages in the area.
  4. Surf in Indonesia: The surfing regions in Indonesia are the most popular sport across the globe; the country became a worldwide phenomenon to enjoy the sea-sports since the 60s and 70s turning it into a multi-million dollar industry of the country as of now. The country has over 13,000 islands making it an ideal destination to enjoy every kind of sea adventures from surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing flyboarding, windsurfing and so on, So, if you are seeking the sea-adventures in your heart, Indonesia is a place to be at.
  5. Go on a safari: Humans are not the only living being on the planet, there are tons of species of animals, birds, plants, and insects that co-exist together with us to balance everything out. The safari trip into the wilderness is certainly not to miss an opportunity at least once a life to understand the delicate balance and life cycle. The safari trip will also help you witness the beauty of wilderness from up close, so, consider putting it on the bucket list. The best safari destinations like South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, etc. and India, Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. (in Asia) are some of the most popular regions in the world.
  6. Experience an Igloo vacation: Staying in an Igloo may seem like an extreme sport considering the cold environment all around. But, it is doable; the modern age igloos are prepared with almost everything that you need to have a comfortable stay. You can enjoy the igloo staying across the globe in countries like Switzerland, Austria, Finland, and Norway. However, make sure that you are packing plenty of warm clothes, gloves, and socks to protect yourself from the cold environment, even if it's cozy inside the igloo.
  7. Witness the Northern Lights: The green lights on the sky which can be witnessed in the north and south hemisphere are one of nature's astonishing wonders. The best time to witness the Northern lights is during winter in the northern regions in the time between 8 pm to 2 am. Some of the best places in the world to see the dancing Northern lights are Alaska, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden, etc. The spectacular view of the Northern lights should be witnessed by the mortals at least once in a lifetime. But, be careful while packing and include plenty of warm clothes, hot drinks and choose the warm tent or accommodation service nearby for the best experience.
  8. Enjoy the cherry blossom in Japan: Japan, a spectacular country known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, beautiful culture, and traditions is also quite popular for the custom ‘Hanami’ known as flower viewing. The traditional Japanese custom is celebrated in a grand style every year during the cherry blossom season which falls in between February and May. All the Japanese and the culture admirers from all over the world gather around to celebrate this beautiful tradition sharing a cup of ‘sake’ with friends and family enjoying the magnificent glimpse of the spring season. During this time, most of the city areas are crowded, so, try picking the remote areas like Mount Fuji, Nara park, Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-Ji Temple, etc to relish the beautiful custom pleasantly.
  9. Dive to explore the marine life:Even if we include the safari in our bucket list to know more about the wilderness of Mother Nature and other living beings co-existing with us, we will still leave out plenty if we won’t include the underwater kingdom in our adventure. The underwater wilderness, magnificent inhabitants residing below the surface we live on, and dazzling beauty of the blue oceans which is as vast the blue sky is a top priority in the bucket list. The popular destinations like Sea of Cortez-Mexico, Utila Island-Honduras, Galápagos-Ecuador, Komodo-Indonesia, Channel Islands National Park-California are some of the ideal destinations to learn more about marine life.
  10. Participate in the La Tomatina Festival: La Tomatina Festival is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Spain which also equally has a massive presence in other countries of the world. This festival is celebrated once a year in the town called Bunol in Spain; over 20,000 participants take part in this festival annually, a full-blown food fight. The participants who hail from different corners of the world throw squashed tomatoes at each other; this tradition was established in the mid-1940s and has grown into a gigantic event with a massive number of spectaculars. Wear comfortable clothes for the occasion packing important accessories in waterproof bags and start practicing your target.
  11. Run a marathon: This might not be easy for people of every category; however, if you are in good health and seeking some new adventure in life, you should give this sport a try. Running a marathon requires a lot of training and hard work, the distance to cover also varies the type of marathon you are running, therefore, check the distance to cover and make sure it doesn’t take a toll on you. On the benefit side, running a marathon will improve your overall health, get you in better shape, tone your legs, better sleep, also on top of that, completing a marathon will boost your confidence and build a can-do anything attitude.
  12. Learn a new sport: Are you a talented tennis player? Maybe an archer, golfer, skater, or footballer? Life is too short to not learn anything new; even if you are proficient at something it is never too late to develop a new hobby. Sport is such a thing that it doesn’t matter whether you are an indoor or outdoor person, you will always have something that you will love. Sports aren’t just good for you to stay fit; they are also good for mental health and to lead a passionate life. So, it doesn't matter if you are a talented baseball player, try bowling or badminton, it will give new meaning to your life and you will feel more fulfilled.
  13. Take on other languages: Being fluent in a second language or more comes with several benefits that will help you connect with multi-cultured people as well as increasing the memory capacity of your brain at the same time. Not only that, but you will also have a wider range of career opportunities if you are capable of speaking more than one language. So, it's never a bad thing to increase your capabilities which can be done with a simple online course and from the comfort of your sofa. However, learning a new language can be quite difficult and you may want to quit in the middle of the course, so, be consistent with your study and keep motivating yourself looking at the big picture.
  14. Carve your body: Focusing on the adventures we could have, we often don’t pay much attention to the person in front of the mirror. You may have made an effort to shed those extra pounds but eventually gave up because the result wasn’t as quick as you expected. What you need to understand is that we have no idea about the afterlife, so this is the dream world where we can achieve anything we dream of and make efforts towards it. So, don't wait for occasions and stop procrastinating and be consistent and stick to your plans to get the ideal body you desire. Tip: you build your body with diet and carve it at the gym, so both things should be balanced for quick results.
  15. Try an extreme sport: The world is filled with adventurers and adrenaline junkies who take on extreme sports for the thrills. The only difference between them and you is that those adventurous hearts decided to take the first step rather than holding themselves back. The extreme thrilling sports will also boost your confidence; enhance your fear management skill with the benefit of keeping you fit of course. The extreme sports may come as an unnecessary adrenaline boost to many but the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment it gives to the brave hearts won’t be the same as any other sports. There are several thrilling sports you could try like white water rafting, bungee jumping, zipline flying, paragliding, mountain biking, paragliding etc., to test your heart.
  16. Maybe conquer the tallest wonder — Mt. Everest??: Located at the altitude of 8,848 meters Mt. Everest is one of the tallest snow-capped beauties in the world that every adventurer soul yearns to conquer at least once. It may not be a convenient bucket list-plan for everyone but, the adventurer souls who are always out seeking kicks and thrills in their life should at least give the Mt. Everest conquers a try, the view from the top of the world and above the clouds will undoubtedly be the memory you will forever treasure, maybe you can befriend a Yeti(mythical creatures living on the top of the mountains) while you are at it. There are many top-class travel management companies in Nepal which will lead you to adventure on the tallest mountain in the world.
  17. Ride a hot-balloon: The paragliding, mountain flights, or parachute jumping which are known to give the best mid-air flying sensation should be tried at least once to see the world below from the sky. However, these adventure sports fail to give you comfort to enjoy the magnificent view of the lush valley, tall architecture, and the picturesque beauty of nature down below. The hot-balloon rides are the perfect aerial trip: see the world down below from the viewpoint of a bird, a truly wondrous adventure. Further, you can enjoy the comfort of the first-class lounge up on the air and take a hot sip of coffee with some sweet delicacies feeling the cold breeze touching the skies.
  18. Plan a road trip: Road Trips are the perfect solution for the weekend getaways, quality family bonding time and a splendid opportunity to stare at the stars at night. Some people may consider road trips to be boring and tiring, but, if you're with the right company and have got a good taste in music, road trips can be the best adventures in your life. The cross-country drive, camping under the sky and musical showdown at campfire-a complete road trip package, is the best way to relish the short and sweet adventures. ‘The more the merrier’ is truly applicable in the road trips so make sure to tag along with all your best mates or family in the pleasant road adventure.
  19. Swim all of the four major oceans: There isn’t any other major way to declare that you have seen it all and been everywhere in the world like swimming all the major four oceans of the world. It won’t be sensible to jump in the middle of the ocean right off the plane, what we mean is take your adventures on the beaches of every major ocean of the world. It might come as a far-fetched bucket list to senior and young members; however, it is a perfect way for the adventurers' souls to boast that they have conquered the world venturing on the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Although, be considerate about the season of visit and try to plan the trip during summer so your conquering stays smooth.
  20. Try backpack traveling: Backpack traveling which is also known as the cost-efficient way of traveling is also a fun way of experiencing new destinations. Although the luxury hotels and five-star restaurants are the way you are used to while traveling, it doesn't hurt to savor the new taste of backpacking a few times. You can appreciate little things in your travel with fewer luggage to take care of and befriend other backpackers with the benefits of truly immersing in the native’s lifestyle & culture in this way of traveling. Further, you won’t be exchanging the luxury for anything else, you will just swap the star continental dish for local food, a dorm room for a private room, and isolation for tons of gags.
  21. Take new lessons: Learning new things in life never goes to waste, take new lessons according to your preference. If you suck at dancing and want to show some major moves in the next grand party, you could take a class to perfect your moves. Similarly, if you are passionate about cooking, you could take the ongoing culinary arts class in your free time and surprise friends and relatives with your new tasty recipe, or, if you are a fan of martial arts, take the class you have always been waiting to enroll in at the perfect time. We grow as a person with the lessons life points toward us, so throwing in a few more lessons you are passionate about will compose a great story.
  22. Finally---Live your dream: The busy modern life, people constantly chasing success and stature to be a perfect fit for society has also taught people to suppress their dreams or prolongate them. This way of living has caught people in the whirlpool of duties and responsibilities from where only a few have managed to break out and live the life they wanted.
    So, don’t be someone who forgets his dream in the race for survival. Always be passionate about your dream, stay consistent with it and draw frameworks to achieve it because a dream without any plans isn’t any different from the day-dreaming where you pretend to be the ‘Batman’. Therefore, believe in yourself, keep yourself motivated, and live life the way you see it fit.