In general, the beautiful landlocked country has 4 seasons in total including; spring (March-May), summer (June-August), autumn (September-November), and winter (December-February). The summer days in the county are hot and dry, however, the weather starts getting humid and hot due to constant rainfall after hitting monsoon. So, before you set out on the exploration of the country in summer, make sure you don’t schedule it in between the peak of the monsoon season.

Keeping that aside, the warm and sunny days in summer opens up opportunities for a lot of fun activities to do in the country. If you are wondering about what you could do that is entertaining and amusing during your stay, we have prepared a list of things that will make your days fun and refreshing.

1. Set out on a jungle safari

What else can better than setting out on the expedition of cool breezy of the subtropical regions on a warm sunny day? This beautiful landlocked country has 10 National Parks, 3 Wildlife Reserves, 6 Conservation Areas, 1 Hunting Reserve, and 11 Buffer Zones which cover almost 23.23% of the total area of the country.

Dubbed as the Amazon of Asia, the jungle safari in this beautiful region will fill you with excitement and curiosity. The national parks like Shivapuri national park, Bardiya national park, Banke national park, Chitwan National Park, Khaptad National Park, Langtang National Park, etc. including the largest and the only trans-Himalayan national park of the country -Sheyphuksundo National Park is the major attraction for adventure in the wilderness.

Compared to winter and monsoon, during summer you will be able to witness the various kind of birdlife, different species of plant life, and butterflies, also, those animals that hibernate in the winter will be in playful mood under the warm sun. The national parks and wildlife reserves of the country are well-known for wildlife like; Snow leopard, Musk deer, Blue sheep, wild boar, Himalayan goral, Bengal tiger, Red panda, One-horned rhino, etc. So, make sure to carry an encyclopedia to identify the beautiful species plant, bird, and animal life on your fun jungle trip in the country.

2. Long route trekking

The trekking in this country of mountains is available throughout the year, however, every season has its own traits that you can experience during your trip. So, for the long walk trekking, the hot and dry road of the summer season is more favorable than the wet and damp roads after the monsoon season. The best trekking routes in the country are Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang valley trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Upper mustang trek, etc. So, if you want to take the outdoor adventure to the next level, set out on the refreshing exploration of the rugged landscapes enjoying the majestic and hypnotizing beauty of Himalayan regions. Moreover, the opportunity to explore culture, traditions and the beautiful religion of the region will certainly be a wonderful experience. However, if you are traveling with family, make sure your children can take on this adventure which requires walking on foot for several hours a day.

3. Mountain Biking

The fastest-growing sport in the country has been a major attraction in Nepal in recent years. Exploring the dirt roads, through the thick forests, enjoying the scenic beauty and getting adrenaline rush, this is certainly one of the best thrilling sport the country has to offer.

The mountain biking in Shivapuri national park, Lele valley, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Dhulikhel, Pharping, and Kulekhani are quite popular if you are looking for an adventure inside the capital valley. If you are looking for an adventure that lasts for weeks, the mountain biking expeditions like; lower Mustang mountain biking, upper Mustang mountain biking, Annapurna circuit mountain biking, Lower Everest region mountain biking, etc are the most popular adventures that have the duration from 5 days to 21 days. These locations have been known to test the courage of the adventurous souls and you need to have some prior experience in mountain biking to be a part of these trips, so, don’t try to include these long route packages in your family trip.

Also, if you are looking for a simple cycling trip then the Kathmandu valley cycling tour and Pokhara valley cycling tour is the ideal complete package. You can take a stroll down the city relishing the rich culture & traditions, the diverse lifestyle, and the magnificent landscapes of the regions.

4. Kathmandu valley tour and hiking

Nothing beats the exploration of the beautiful valleys and cities of the country on a pleasantly warm and sunny day. The Kathmandu valley alone boasts the seven of the UNESCO world heritage sites making your exploration an adventurous trip. Besides these, the valley also boasts an unlimited number of popular tourist hubs, markets places, religious sites and museums that showcase rich history and arts. You should also include attractions like Thamel streets, Garden of dreams, Basantapur tower, Taleju temple, Naraynhiti palace, Budhanilkantha temple, Taudaha lake, White Gumba, etc on your itinerary.

On the cool and breezy clear days, you can also spend your time with fun-filled adventures like Hiking which also has several health benefits. This beautiful valley offers various hiking opportunities like Kakani hike, Nagarkot hike, Sundarjijal hike, Namobuddha hike, Chisapani hike, Champadevi hike, Phulchowki hike, etc. that you tag on for a refreshing adventure. The land which is known as paradise for the outdoors sports will undoubtedly win your heart with its scenic landscapes, natural beauty, and fascinating culture & traditions.

5. Touch the sky with Paragliding

Flying with the sensation of touching the sky with your bare hands is undoubtedly an unbeatable thrill. The clear skies and sunny day will definitely fill you with more excitements than the copped up fly-over on a gloomy day.  So, why not tag in for the sky adventure of your life on a clear summer day in the country?

You can enjoy the sky adventure in various locations within the Kathmandu valley like Chapakharka which is at the altitude of 2100m(13km away from Kathmandu), Godavari-Phulchowki hill at 2782 elevation(Phulchowki hill-28km away from Kathmandu), Kor Danda(12 km away from Kathmandu) which are the major aerial adventure destination in the country.

The country also offers paragliding at destinations like Bandipur paragliding(at an altitude of 1251m), Palpa paragliding, Tistung Makwanpur paragliding(at an altitude of 5000m), Syangja paragliding, Dharan paragliding(above 1800 seas level), which have successfully managed to be the heartbeat of the thrill-seekers. You can enjoy various packages of the thrilling adventure like tandem flying where you will be flying with the pilot, solo flying if you have some prior experience in paragliding and, the acrobatic packages where you can show off your spectacular trick in the sky.

6. Refreshing white water rafting

The thrilling adventure on cold white water and in between the green lush landscapes is a perfect way to spend a hot and warm summer day. Nepal which is the second richest country in water resources in the world offers you every kind of rafting packages from mild refreshing fun to extreme thrilling rapids. There are several beautiful rivers flowing on the foothills of the Himalayan range that are some of the ideal locations to enjoy the adventurous water sports across the globe.

Some of the major destinations like the Bhotekoshi river rafting(with class 3,4 and 5 rapids), Trisuli river rafting(rapids from class 3 to class 5), kali Gandaking rafting( class 4 and class 5 rapids), Karnali rafting(class 4 and class 5 rafting), Seti River rafting(class 2 to class 4 rapids), Bheri river rafting(up to class 3 rapids), Marshyangdi river rafting(class 4 and class 5 rapids) are the perfect regions to relish this refreshing and thrilling sports. If you are new in the water adventure world, you can enjoy the rafting trails with up to class two rapids which only require basic paddling skills. However, if you do have some experience in rafting and want to take it to an extreme level, you can choose the rivers with class 4 and higher levels of rapids.

7. Bungee jump and bungee swing

The sport where a person makes a free-falling jump being attached to the rubber cased nylon on the ankles is one of the extreme thrilling sports to test your courageous heart. You also don’t have to take any advanced class to be the part of the sport, so, if you are up for it and just enjoy the electrifying sports after a short briefing by the jumpmaster. Similarly, in bungee swing, the cord is attached to the waist of the jumper and the jumper enjoys the freefalling and vertical swing.

The most loved bungee jumping and swinging locations like Bhotekoshi bungee jumping(jump height-- 152.4 m), Pokhara bungee jumping(70 m vertical jump) and Kushma bungee jumping which is the highest bungee jumping in the country( 224m jump) are the renowned destinations in the world for the thrill they provide.  This thrilling jumping sport is available in the country throughout the years; however, the clear sunny day in summer makes the thrill quite spectacular.

Also, as the sport is very extreme, you need to meet some criteria like, at least 14 years old and not above 70, weighing not less than 25kg and not exceeding 100kg, to enjoy the sport taking into consideration of your safety.

8. Canyoning

Another beautiful water adventure that you can enjoy on a hot and warm summer day in the country is Kayaking. In this thrilling water sports, the person travels through the canyons in the complicated landscapes using techniques like climbing, rappelling, jumping, and scrambling with the help of ropes and rattles. Thes best thing about this sport is the fun-joyful venture on the water route where the sports lovers navigate their way through complex settings and finally diving in the cool-refreshing water pools.

Generally, the narrow gorges and locations with dropping zone are preferred for this thrilling adventure. Some of the top spots to enjoy this refreshing sports are,  Sundarijal canyoning which has 5 canyoning falls( at height of 15m, 18m, 20m, 35m, and 45m), Kakani canyoning which has two canyoning zones; Phung Phungye(185m) and Chhahare(145m), Charaudi canyoning, Bhotekoshi canyoning( Jombo Khola, Kabre Khola, Handi Khola, and Galtung Khola), Trisuli canyoning, Pokhara canyoning which has two canyoning zones; 45m and 75m respectively, and finally the Marshyangdi canyoning which has the highest canyoning site in the world--Naarphu(5200m), including, Syange canyoning(400m), Kabindra canyoning(400m), Gopte canyoning(400m), Raindu canyoning(600m), Tal canyoning(500m), Sansapu canyoning(1200m), Jagat canyoning(2000m), Chacmhe Khola canyoning(4500m) and Bhulbule canyoning(4500m). So, make sure to pick the suitable canyoning zone for you and have a thrilling adventure in the scenic wilderness.

9. Enjoy the Waterworld and fun parks

If you are on a vacation and want to simply spend time with your friends and family, there are several Waterworld and fun parks that the country boasts for a refreshing quality time.

Among them, Kathmandu Fun Valley is one of the top destinations for fun-filled water games, This amazing park is located in Palanse-Bhaktapur, surrounded by the picturizing green lush hills and surrounding, you can even enjoy the views of Himalayas on a clear day, making it one of the most loved destination. Similarly, the Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park in Kirtipur is a top contender on the list. This modern version of water parks offers more than 23 different types of games that you can enjoy, further, if you are on a family trip, there are tons of children playgrounds and pools. So, you shouldn’t miss these beautiful and astonishing Waterworld wonders if you are on a trip to Nepal during the summer.

In addition to those, the Ocean Park and Resort located in Itahari-Sunsari, Dhangadhi Fun City in Kailali, and, Seven Wonders Water Park and Resort are some of the major attractions for a cool and refreshing day.

10.  Rock climbing

The rock climbing sports in Nepal are also gaining a lot of recognition, thanks to its beautiful hills and mountains which provide the ultimate climbing destinations. So, if you want to conquer a summit in your summer break, make sure to check out the famous natural and artificial climbing rock climbing zones in the country.

Especially, near the hilly regions of the Kathmandu valley, you will find several dizzying destinations to kick start those adrenaline rushes. Some of the best rock climbing zones in the valley are the Nagarjun forest, Nagarkot, and Hattiban. In the zones like Nagarkot and Nagarjuna, you can enjoy the thrilling adventure as well as enjoy the magnificent jungle beauty relishing the fresh air and cold climate; also, you will have a chance to witness various species of flora and fauna found in the region. Similarly, the Hattiban rock climbing excursion which offers you the 5.9-5.12 grade routes and Kanaki rock climbing with 20m high rocks are the ideal destinations on a warm sunny day.

And, for the rock climbing expedition outside the valley, the Bimal Nagar rock climb which is just at 20min driving range from Bandipur(55m rock face), Namche Bazaar rock climb and Thame in the Everest region which has multi-pitches up to 200m will make your rock climbing adventure quite thrilling.

11. Zorbing - Waterball In Pokhara

Bored to death on a summer day? Go!! Zorbing. The newly introduced water adventure sport which is also known as--Waterball in Nepal has gained quite a momentum among the local as well as the international tourist. In this fun sport, the rider is put inside a giant specialty transparent ball and is let to roll on the water surface. This sport is most popular in Pokhara where the sports enthusiast roll on the water surface of Phewa Taal, this sport yet has to forge strong roots in the other regions of the country. In 2015, over 12 balls were introduced in the Phewa Taal with the goal of expanding the sports up to the Begnas Taal.

In this exciting sport, you will be zippered inside the big ball which has easy and exit access, after sealing you inside the ball, the ball is filled with air and rolled on the water surface. You can easily shift the direction of the ball on the water surface by simply using your weight or running towards the direction you want to take yourself. The oxygen inside the ball lasts for almost 45 minutes, there are safety handle both inside the ball as well as inside, so, you can enjoy this exciting adventure without any worries.