Are you in the Ilam district and not visited the Didi-Bahini Jharna yet?

If so, then no worries, the beautiful Didi-Bahini Jharna is a short distance of an hour drive from Ilam Bazaar, including some minutes off-road hike.

Falling down the great cliff between the green nature;Didi-Bahini Jharna(Sisters Falls) are two beautiful waterfalls at the right and left side at Puwamajuwa at Ilam District. The name itself makes clear about the name of the falls. Among the waterfalls in Ilam district, Didi-Bahini Jharna is known as the second long waterfall after Todke Jharna(टोड्के झरना) according to local reports. Didi-Bahini Jharna lies in Puwamajuwa VDC, falling from about altitude of 2100 meters from the sea-level.itself is rich with the abundant beauty of green forest and bio-diversity.

From a distance, it looks like the two sisters are in a neighborhood inside profound nature. The base of the waterfalls is at a space of about 2-3 minutes from each other. You are going to meet the Bahini Jharna first and Didi Jharna on the following.

Science and technology have not measured the height of the waterfalls yet.Still, the local authority assumes that the cascades from the height of 125 feet, according to locals.The attractive Didi-Bahini Jharna has been in the choice of the local tourists near Ilam. Since the lockdown, many local tourists visit the place accessible at the Ilam Bazaar short distance.

How was the name Didi Bahini Jharna given?

Earlier, Ilam-3, Puwamajuwa, was famous for the cliffs' honey. The locals of Puwamajuwa pulled out the honey from the high elevation of Puwamajuwa. So, people named the tall and landslide height as Mahabhir, which means "great cliff" महभीर in Nepali. Later, the water falling down the high cliff of Puwamajuwa was called "Mahavir Jharna." During the election time, the Ilam Municipality mayor, Mr.Mahesh Basnet, with his team, reached Puwamajuwa. The stunning views of the waterfalls dropping down in the green nature's lap attracted them a lot. Therefore, Mr.Basnet gave a new name Didi-Bahini Jharna(Sisters Falls), to Mahbhir Jharna. The name itself clarifies the meaning of the waterfall. Both names-old name "Mahabhir," meaning massive cliff, and the new "Didi-Bahini Jharna," meaning two Sisters falling aside.The name itself signifies the pure emotions andthe affection of two sisters falling together from the great cliff in nature's beauty.

These days, the two beautiful falls in Puwamajuwa is gaining popularity among domestic tourists.

How to reach Didi-Bahini Jharna?

The Didi-Bahini Jharna is an easily accessible and exciting destination near Ilam bazaar. The half an hour drive from Ilam Bazaar along the Mechi Highway takes you to the Baghkhor Bazaar(बाघखोर बजार). It takes about 30 minutes hike(on foot) from Baghkhor to reach the waterfalls' base. If you are driving, then it takes about 10 minutes from Baghkhor.

Mechi Highway -Puwakhola on the way to Didi-Bahini Jharna

If you are coming from Jhapa, then you will take about 3/4 hours drive.

Biblayte Bazaar on the way to Didi Bahini Jharna

Have a look for the popular route.

Jhapa-Ilam-Biblayte Bazaar-Puwakhola-Baghkhor-Didi-Bahini Jharna

On reaching Baghkhor Bazaar, you will get a glance at the beautiful waterfalls after 1 km off-road walk at a distance in the cliff. The two beautiful waterfalls pouring down at the right and left side of the landslide cliff look beautiful. People regard the two beautiful waterfalls as two sisters; elder and younger sister waterfall. So, it is Didi Bahini Jharna-Sisters Falls.

If you are a bike rider, you will enjoy the fantastic ride closer to the waterfalls' base.

The prospect of adventure sport tourism

The waterfalls are breathtaking during the rainy seasons compared to the non-rainy seasons. The Didi-Bahini Jharnas has excellent possibilities for adventure sports like rock climbing and canyoning.The local authority is planning for the area's proper management. There are excellent prospects for conducting different adventure sports in the incredible waterfalls with appropriate safety measures. It will attract more tourists commercially.

Didi-Bahini Jharna is in trend among the local people. The destinations receive many tourists these days. There are excellent prospects for promoting Didi-Bahini Jharna as a tourist destination in the Ilam district. The local communities will gain benefits from visitors and tourists.

Proper management with appropriate promotion is necessary for sustainable development in the area of Didi-Bahini Jharna.

Local authorities and management works

It is a newly introduced hotspot for the tourists in Puwajuwa VDC. With the budget aid from the municipality and province government, the physical infrastructure works such as railings for the safety and the resting area(chautaras) are completed. The local authority of Puwamajuwa is working for the promotion and development of necessary facilities in the area for two years. The tourists' essential facilities, such as public toilets for visitors, drinking water, etc. will be constructed soon in the waterfall place.

Pic source-Bikash Rai

For promoting Puwamajuwa as the tourist destination, the local authorities and the community must work adequately, coordinating each other.The local authorities are appealing for the safe drinking water facility in the area, the easy accessibility for every people, the public toilets, and the parking facility. The local management team seeks aid from the government for infrastructure development, such as roads, to correctly access and promote the destination.

What do I say?

Get the loop walk experience towards the roaring waterfall along the yellow railings for your safety. Enjoy the two sisters' cold water splash. If you want to capture the two sisters together at a frame.Then you have to click from a distance on the way before reaching the main base. Enjoy the views of the waterfall from a distance and feel the cold water moving closer.

If you love playing water, then you will have a fantastic experience with your friends and families. You will have great fun as it is easily accessible, and the destination is safe and exciting.

Things to remember

-Don't forget to carry changing clothes. Otherwise, you will have to travel wet back home.

-Carry a slipper for enjoying the waterfall deep inside.

-Take care of your mobiles and gadgets. Keep it dry and safe. It would be best if you handed over your gadgets to your friends and family while entering the water.

-Walk safely and carefully along the railing. The stones and paths are slippery due to moisture. You may fall. Take care of it.

Enjoy the refreshing water and feel the relaxed nature of Didi-Bahini Jharna. Explore the beautiful sisters' waterfall in Puwamajuwa, Ilam.

You are welcome to Didi-Bahini Jharna, Ilam, Nepal.For further queries, please feel about writing to us.