Nepal is renowned across the globe as the beautiful landlocked country which boasts the beauty of high hills and magnificent snow-peaked mountains. Besides the alluring natural sceneries, the country also outshines other nations in adventurous sports activities with some of the ideal destinations for trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding, and many water sports.

Your expedition in this charming and heartwarming country can be quite memorable, but, there are also some drawbacks that directly or indirectly affect the tourism sector. Although the issues are not that serious, they do have impacts on the portrayal of the country’s tourism sector in the international community. So, to discuss those points, here we have listed some pros and cons of visiting Nepal that you should be considerate about.


1. One of the safest countries

Unlike some of the destinations where you have to be concerned regarding your safety, you will feel completely safe even if you are traveling alone in the county. Nepal is among the safest countries that you will find across the globe, the country has been ranked the 3rd safest country in South Asia.

You will hardly hear any kind of serious crime happening in the country, but, make sure that you are on the watch for occasional pickpocketers or that you don’t  wander off alone during nights. Besides these, also take a few other points in consideration like, keeping away from political demonstrations as they can get violent, also not leaving anything valuable in your room, and watching your luggage on public transportation facilities, if you keep these things on mind it will be quite helpful to stay on the safe side. If you are planning to hire a guide then follow the instructions he provides you properly, the guides are completely familiar with surrounding so they will brief you about to-dos and not-to-dos list. Don’t do anything he/she warns you about and you will have a smooth fun traveling experience. Furthermore, it will be a wise idea to have traveling insurance so you can enjoy the trip without any worries.

2. The glorious mountain beauty

The beautiful landlocked country rich in natural beauty, high mountains, and tallest snow-peaked wonders will definitely leave you in awe. In fact, the country boasts eight of the tallest mountains in the world like; Mt. Kanchenjunga(8,586m), Mt. Lhotse(8,516m), Mt. Makalu(8,463m), Cho Oyu(8,201m), Mt. Dhaulagiri(8,167m), Mt. Manaslu(8,163m), and Mt. Annapurna(8,091m) including the highest mountain in the world Mt. Everest(8,848m).

Besides these, the country is also home to other 1,310 mountain peaks that are above 6,000 meters. You can almost witness the beauty of these high natural infrastructures anywhere from the major cities. Even if you are on a short trip there are tons of hill stations like Nagarkot hill, Chovar hill, Shivapuri hill, Phluchowki hill, Chandragiri hill, Kalanki hill, and Dhulikhel hill within the Kathmandu valley from where you can enjoy the majestic beauty of these snow-peaked wonders. This Himalayan country will never cease to amaze you with its hypnotizing beauty, if you are planning a family vacation or spending quality time in the realm of nature make sure that you check out exquisite destinations this gorgeous country has to offer.

3. Friendly and helpful people

The country practices the motto “Atithi Dewa Bhawa” which can be translated to Guest is God, the people of the country don’t limit the proverb to the lip service, they take it by heart. The major part of the economy of Nepal is depended on the tourism industry, a lot of population is invested and dedicated in this sector, and so, they understand the importance of making guests feel welcomed.

The country has been enlisted in the list of the safest country across the world due to the helpful and religious nature of the people but, make sure that you respect their norms and values although you come from different traditional backgrounds. We have undoubtedly heard stories about helpful and kindful acts of the natives frequently which shows how genuine the Nepalese people are. Alike, the people in the rural areas will also extend their helping hands to make you feel welcome and comfortable even though they have not much to offer. You are in for a most respectful and genuine welcome of your life, you will be simply amazed by the respect and warm hospitality you will receive. If you are lucky, maybe you will forge a strong connection with the locals that will last a lifetime.

4. Wonderful national Parks

The high green hills and snow-peaked beauties often shadow the beautiful wildlife reserves, conservative areas, and national parks the country has to offer. Besides, the two national parks Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park which has been listed in the UNESCO world heritage the site, the country treasures ten other national parks. Other national parks and wildlife reserves like Shey Phoksundo National Park, Bardia National Park, Langtang National Park, Khaptad National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Annapurna National Park, Makalu Barun National Park, and Rara National Park have been a successful hotspot for attracting tourism in the sector.

If you have an interest in wildlife and birdlife then Nepal will be your ideal destination to set out on an exploration of the wilderness. Further, you can witness the protected species of different kinds of birds and animals in these national parks and wildlife reserves which are very rare like; Himalayan Lynx, Clouded Leopard, Striped Hyena, Spotted Linsang, Pangolin, One-horned Rhinos, Red Panda, Bengal Tiger, etc. The expedition in these destinations getting close to the mystery of nature will also help you understand the wildlife in depths.

5. Cost-efficient holiday

One of the most beneficial factors of choosing Nepal as your travel destination is the cost-efficient package you will receive. Unlike other tourist destinations, the costs of food and accommodation facilities are quite reasonable considering the quality service in return. In addition to that, the permits you require, participating in events or festivals, and adventure activities the country offers are quite modest.

The average hotel price in the country is around $23 and the expenditure is calculated to be around $24 a day, collecting data from the tourist (a normal day-to-day expenditure), so, the average cost of the stay for two people in the country are estimated to be around $332 per week. You will rarely find any other destination that provides so many numbers of exploration opportunities at such a reasonable cost. If you want to save a few extra bucks on your stay to elongate your holiday, you could use homestay or hostels instead of star hotels without compromising on quality, enjoy local street dishes, travel with a person who has experience in traveling across the country rather than hiring a guide and most of all choose a reliable travel management company which provide cost-effective services. If you are planning a visit anytime soon, you can check out the services provided by goGlides, a renowned name in the business.

6. High altitude trekking and hiking

The country with an infinite number of high hills and mountains doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to adventurous thrilling activities. The adventurous sports activity which also has several health benefits rewards you with the majestic mountain beauty relishing the diverse beautiful culture.

The trekking routes of Nepal are well-known all over the globe for the thrill and excitements it provides, so it is definitely a not to miss opportunity for the adrenaline junkies. Some of the major attraction renowned trekking routes of Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Upper Mustang Trekking, world’s highest altitude lake trek--- Gosaikunda Trek, and so on. These are the long route treks that last for almost 5 to 10 days, so, make sure you have got enough time on your hand to explore the beauty of the Himalayan region. Even if you are on a short trip, don’t feel down, the country also offers several one-day hiking expeditions. You can relish the walk on nature on popular hill stations inside the Kathmandu valley like Phulchowki Hiking, Shivapuri Hiking, Nagarkot Hiking, Sarangkot Hiking, Chandragiri Hiking, etc. So, have your pick from all the available packages that suit you best, in the exploration of nature.

7. Tasty delightful local dishes

The advantage of setting out on an expedition in the place with diverse cultures comes with the benefit of savoring the multi-cultured delicious dishes. Similarly, Nepal is a piece of paradise for the food junkies offering flavorful tasty cuisines from spicy dishes to different kinds of sweet delicacies. The popular Nepali dish Dal Bhat Tarkari(Lentil soup, Steamed rice, Curried vegetables) is consumed by the native as morning meal as well as dinner; you could give it a try when you visit. Further, other delightful dishes like MoMos, Chowmein, Thuppa, Samosa, Pani Puri, Sel Roti, Chatamari, Dheedo, Aloo Tama, Gundruk, Yomari, Juju Dhau, and amazing Newar dishes are quite popular in the country. Generally, these kinds of dishes are circulated as lunch or snacks but, you can enjoy it anytime you want during the opening hours.

Also, you can enjoy Continental, French, Italian, Chinese, and Indian dishes in hotels and restaurants. In addition, if you want you can explore the tasty dishes from the street vendors that you can easily find around the major cities. You just have to be mindful of the quality of the services they are providing so, you won’t have any health issues. Keeping that aside, don’t hold back, and savor your new favorite dish as much as you want.


1. Pollution

The major problem of traveling in Nepal is the pollution you have to face. The developing country which is frequently taking steps to upgrade their game in the modernization sector, they have also been caught up in the whirlpool of pollution. A great example of this can be seen in the Kathmandu valley which has been a migration hub for the people from all over the country, resulting in the lack of infrastructure, sewage facilities to meet the need of the people. You can easily encounter the unmanaged dumping sites, sewage pipeline directed to water resources, and a lot of traffic. Sometimes it might be exhausting when you are stuck in never-ending traffic with constant vehicle noises.

Similarly, the air quality in the Kathmandu valley is pretty degraded. The unmanaged number of factories, construction sites, and old transportation are the main reasons that aid air pollution. The walking in the major cities is not quite possible if you don’t have air-filtering masks on. You have also to be careful about the water resource, a decade back drinking water from regular tap used to be possible; but now, the pollution of water resources has reached such a level that you can’t consume water unless it’s properly sanitized and filtered. So, keep these factors in mind and be careful in your trip to the country so you can have a safe and smooth vacation.

2. Beggars

It can be quite troublesome when you are being followed by beggars in stoplights or while taking a stroll down the city. You will find a great number of beggars in the streets of the major cities, religious sites, or popular attractions. Although begging is illegal in the country, the practice still goes on. It is not that every beggar is in need of money, there also have been cases where people want to simply slack off from working and chase tourist for a change or a dollar in the religious sites.

The government is also trying to resolve these kinds of issues and frequently coming up with new plans and policies to remove beggars from streets. Compared to the general public, tourists face these kinds of problems pretty often so, be prepared and carry few changes with you on your trip as the beggars won’t ask for much and will stop following you around for a change.

3. Political instability

The political instability of the country has been quite a pain in the neck for the natives as well as the tourists. The frequent shift in political power giving birth to riots and strikes has been quite troublesome in the tourism sector. During most parts, the country is non-violent and peaceful but, your plans can be canceled if there is a sudden announcement of strikes or political rally.

Such issues also have affected the economy of the tourism sector in the past generating negative publicity of the country, but, such actions have decreased in recent years taking into consideration the impact of political instability in tourism sectors.

4. Challenging roads

Although the country boasts highways stretching to several corners, the road-ways in suburban and rural areas are not that easily accessible. The roadways in several destinations are quite dangerous and even you have to walk a few hours on foot or days to reach the tourist attraction. Due to lack of proper maintenance these roadways also can be quite dangerous in rainy seasons with the possibility of landslides and flooding. So, some of the major tourist attractions are during rainy seasons and according to the difficulties these roads are off-limits for old as well as young people, you need to properly study the region if you are planning a family vacation.

As of now, the country is undergoing and widening the road facilities in several areas to make it easily reachable and development of the tourism sector in the region. The widening process and maintenance of roadways are expected to be complete soon; it is predicted that after its completion the roadway traveling becomes smooth and fun for travelers.