If you feel an adrenaline rush in your body by the idea of having a cup of hot coffee at an unbelievable height of 15400 feet, a visit to Nepal must surely be on your bucket list. The mesmerizing café, dubbed (quite predictably) the World’s Highest Bakery Café, sits in the heartland of Lobuche in Nepal.

Tourists heading to the Everest Base Camp find this café en route, a couple of days before making it to the base camp.

The bakery café is a significant stop for trekkers heading to accomplish one of the most emphatic trekking feats on earth.

At the café, much to your astonishment, you can order coffee, some good old apple pie, and even some chilled beer. The café even plays documentary movies in the evening for those who are missing home, creating a great friendly atmosphere for the trekkers to offer them some moments of comfort right in the middle of sheer wilderness at a skyscraping height of over 15400 feet.

On any given evening when the temperature is not too severely freezing, you can expect to have a hot cup of delectable coffee with a soothing background music streaming of Neil Young’s handpicked collection.

In short, the Bakery Café is one of the most adventurous places on earth to raise a toast for your friends and loved ones.

The bakery café at Lobuche, other than being the highest spot on the planet, is an enticing scenic view that stands in major contrast to the bleak, lunar landscape sprawling all around, providing the trekkers with a once-in-a-lifetime memory and panoramic vista.

As such, it is a major feat in itself to create and then operate a café at such a height and in such nail-biting conditions.

The sense of pride in running a café like this one can be understood by the fact that just boiling a cup of water takes nearly 15 minutes, perhaps more, at such a tremendous height.

The bakery café en route to the Everest Base Camp is one place where you can actually say, “I’m having a coffee on top of the world”.

Heading towards the World’s Highest Bakery, you’ll be going through the Lobuche pass that rests at an astounding height of 16210 feet. The territory around the Lobuche Pass marks the memorial monuments of climbers, including that of Scott Fischer, the trekker who died while returning from the Everest in 1996.

Though the body of Scott Fischer is a little off from the trek, you can pay homage to him at the momentous Lobuche Pass memorial.

Undoubtedly, a toast to Scott Fischer and other trekkers can be raised here at the World’s Highest Bakery Cafe.

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/worldhighestbakery