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Exploring The National Park Of American Samoa

Exploring The National Park Of American Samoa

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The National Park of American Samoa is one of the most unique parks you will come across. Situated in the heart of American Samoa, this tropical haven gives you access to sandy beaches, scenic mountain ranges, hiking routes and more. Not only is it the most exotic, it is also the only national park the US has in the Southern Hemisphere. Spread across three islands, this park looks like a slice of Paradise on Earth.

Date of Establishment

The park was originally established on the 31st of October in 1988 but there were land issues which hindered the National Park Service from moving forward. Once the authorities leased the land for 50 years from the Samoan Village Councils, the issue was resolved and the park was established properly on the 9th of September 1993.

Today, the park receives 28,626 visitors per year because of its remote location. However, the natural beauty and the challenging terrain are drawing more people to it on an annual basis.

Popular Season

The best time to visit the National Park of American Samoa the ideal time to visit would be between the months of June and October. These are the coolest and driest months but keep in mind that that sunshine and humidity are constant in American Samoa. Even during the winters, temperatures aren’t expected to fall much. If you’re not a fan of freezing temperatures, the beaches of the National Park of American Samoa are going to be a welcome respite for you. Another plus point here is that you don’t have to worry about peak season rush here. The remote location means that even in peak season, you’re not going to find the park overcrowded. 

The Visitor’s Center and Park Store

All visitors are requested to head to the National Park of American Samoa’s Visitor Center and Park store when they are at the park. The Visitor Center is open on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. It’s always closed on the weekends and on federal holidays. Located in Pago Pago, right across from the Pago Way Service Station, the Visitor Center is full of resources to help visitors understand the unique culture and ecosystems in this park.

You can rely on the Visitor center for the following: • Exhibits and cultural videos

  • Restrooms and Park Store
  • First Aid for emergencies and
  • General Information about hiking trails
  • Park rangers are also available to help you stay safe and have a great time at the national park.

Map of the National Park Visitor Center and Facilities at the National Park of American Samoa Visiting the National Park of American Samoa can be daunting but, it can become an easy trip with the help of the information here. So, let’s start planning today!