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Your Guide To The Arches National Park

Your Guide To The Arches National Park

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The Arches National Park is a wonderland and a slice of pure heaven located in Utah, United States. Bordered by the breathtaking Colorado River towards the southeast, the place is home to more than 1500 naturally eye-catch sandstone arches.

The Landscape Arch and the Delicate Arch are spectacular land- scapes that locals and tourists are ever-ready to visit throughout the year. Some other famous attractions include the Balanced Rock, the Turret Arch, and the Double Arch towards the Windows Section.

Date of Establishment

The park was established on the 12th November, 1971. Originally a national monument regulated by the National Park Service, the area was later designated as an official national park on the given date. Now, the area receives nearly 1.6 million visitors each year, and they’re certainly growing annually.

Popular Season

According to the National Park Service, the best time to travel to this stunningly rare park starts from April all the way through May. While mid-September and the late October are also good periods, April actually marks the time when harsh winters have toned down and springtime arrives. The temperatures slowly begin to warm up

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and rather become pleasant in May, which is the perfect time to visit this red-rock wonder-world.

The Visitor’s Center

Open all-year round, the Arches Visitor Center is a wonderful building inviting locals, tourists, and travelers from all over the world to learn the geological and national history of the park. Every day of the week, the center is open to visitors from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The park is home to natural arches that have the highest density in the entire world. With so much to offer, let’s explore this spectacular red-rock magical land!