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Your Guide To The Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park

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242,756acres of vast eroded area of jagged buttes, pinnacles and spires with largest mixed grass prairie in the countrymake up the total area of Badland National Park in the USA. Located in southwestern South Dakota, the rugged terrains and scenic rocky topography of the area makes it look like something you’d expect to find on Mars. The park became a major tourist attraction due to its sedimentary layers of different colors and holding the world’s greatest preserves of fossil animals underneath.

To preserve the panoramic view of this unique geological setting, the Badlands National Monument was built here in 1929. It went on to be designated as a national park on November 10, 1978. The park also includes 64,114 acres of vast area which is referred to as the wilderness area. The Badlands scenic wilderness is the site where one of the world’s most endangered mammals, black footed ferrets,were reintroduced to the wild. You can also find coyotes, buffalo, mule deer, and bighorn sheep roaming around in the wilderness of Badlands National Park.

Ben Reifel Visitor Center is the Badlands Park’s main visitor center which opens regularly all through the year except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays. It has a small museum, gift shop, fossil lab and restrooms for the visitors. The visitor center shows a short informative documentary about Badlands, informa- tion about how they were formed and its wildlife. In the fossil lab, they explain the details about the fossils found in the park to the visitors. There is another visitor center in the South Unit of the park which is known as the White River Visitor Center. It is open during summer season and provides information and offers cultural exhibits for the visitors to enjoy.