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"Go and See" Day trip


In this package, the resort offers loads of adventurous sports activities like canyoning, swing, bungee, and rafting and so on---at the same location. The location is just 30km away from the Kathmandu valley, so, it’s not that time consuming for the adventurous people. 

If you are all hearts for the thrilling sports from bungee jumping-swinging in one of the world’s longest natural free-fall and the world of water adventures, this package does a fair job filling the void of your craving for the courageous and daring sports. Besides being famous for bungee and swing, Bhotekoshi is also quite famous for white water rafting among visitors. So, if you are into water adventures than any other sports, September to October is the right season for you to 

enjoy the white river rafting to the fullest although the sports is available to the visitors throughout the whole year. 

The Last Resort’s “go and see” day trip package comes along with full-on enjoyment where you can enjoy the thrill of bungee jump-swing from the same bridge. Furthermore, the package also includes Canyoning and Rafting. So, the adventurous package being as close as it can be to nature is definitely a full-on enjoyment deal and a not-to-miss opportunity for the brave souls. 

In this package, there aren’t any criteria for age and weight, however, if you decide to choose any other package participating in the thrilling available sports, the standard charges mentioned will be applicable. Moreover, the “go and see” come along with a two-way transportation facility and lunch facilities during the trip. 

So, ride along in the journey of discovering Bhotekoshi where you can witness the miracles created by audacious souls, the local culture of the residents- their tradition & lifestyle and more importantly yourself—in the thrilling adventurous journey.

Adventure in Bhotekoshi is quite famous because the last resort is providing lots of adventurous sport at the same place. people are attracted towards Bhotekoshi just to visit also.According to the research, more than 10000 visitors used to visit Bhotekoshi per year.


No. of Days :
1 D
No. of Nights :
Min Age :
Max Age :
Min Weight :
Max Weight :
Min Pax Per Booking :
1 Pax
Max Pax Per Booking :
20 Pax
Available Group Capacity :
50 Pax
Trip Standard :
2 Star
Grade :
Best Seasons :
Trip Start Elevation :
0 m
Lowest Elevation :
0 m
Highest Elevation :
0 m
Trip Start Point :
Trip End Point :



  • 1 Lunch for day trip
  • 2 Way Transportation


  • Meals not mentioned in includes
  • personal shopping
  • Photo and Video
  • Private Transportation

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