Paragliding in Kathmandu Valley

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Kathmandu Paragliding SAARC and Chinese Only




Join with us and take a trip to the sky enjoying the cruise controls in the clouds on various thermals over the beautiful botanical garden of Kathmandu valley and the aerial view of the Kathmandu city and the Valley. Let’s enjoy the eye and heart-catching view of different snow-capped mountains and the dense forests which have surrounded the whole valley and have been playing an important role to maintain the beauty of the valley.
Let’s just imagine that, we are flying and soaring above 2100m like a bird and all those beautiful natural resources are below and around us, that moment is just amazing, isn’t it? So join with us make your dream come true of flying and observe nature in the best way possible. As there is a saying also that we can learn more by involving than reading. So we can’t find the real reason why the birds sing unless we fly like them and enjoy the real meaning of nature.
The real fun of nature with the thrill of paragliding is totally inexpressible. Nobody finds nature interesting unless we try to explore the best of it. Exploring the best of Nature not only gives few moments of excitement but a lifetime memory then just imagine how fun, thrilling and memorable will it be to explore the same nature through the air like a bird.
  • Panorama view of highest peaks and mountains
  • Scenic beauty and greenery
  • 15KM from Thamel
  • City & Valley View.
  • Feel the high altitude (above 2400m.)
  • Soar above the clouds
  • Eagle view of the only botanical garden of Nepal.
  • No jumping from cliffs.


No. of Days :
1 D
No. of Nights :
Min Age :
3 Yrs
Max Age :
100 Yrs
Min Weight :
15 Kg
Max Weight :
100 Kg
Min Pax Per Booking :
1 Pax
Max Pax Per Booking :
15 Pax
Available Group Capacity :
100 Pax
Trip Standard :
2 Star
Grade :
Best Seasons :
Through out the year
Trip Start Elevation :
2100 m
Lowest Elevation :
0 m
Highest Elevation :
2400 m
Trip Start Point :
Trip End Point :

Inside Ringroad



  • 15 to 30 minutes Flight.
  • Two way transportation
  • High quality parachutes
  • Flight Insurance.
  • Adventure drive to Paragliding Spot.


  • Personal expenses
  • All bar & beverage bill

What We Provide

  • Safety Helmet

What To Bring

  • Protective footwear,no open toe shoes.
  • Pants,jeans are great.



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