Canyoning is an adventure sport where a person travels through the canyon with the help of various kinds of techniques like scrambling, jumping, climbing as well as rappelling. The sole sport is related to rope and rattles; including various approaches to go through difficult hurdles on the pathway.

This sport is usually enjoyed in the rugged up location with different kinds of hurdles where people can enjoy wilderness travel skills. The ideal terrain for the canyoning is narrow gorges with several dropping zones which adds excitement to the adrenaline junkies.

In the multi-technique sport, the adventurers explore the hard to reach landscapes following a water route, navigating through streams, waterfalls, and diving into water pools.The fun-filled thrilling experience comes with hurdles and different levels of difficulty based on terrains landscapes, the volume of water and hurdles in the zone.

Canyoning In Nepal (Top Spots)

The second richest country in water resources doesn’t hold back when it comes to sports-related to water. The country has some of the finest natural landscapes that are a paradise for canyoning lovers.

Canyoning in Nepal

The first canyoning association in the country, Nepal Canyoning Association (NCA) was established in the country in 2007 with the scope of developing and promoting the canyoning zones to attract adventure lovers. Since-then the country with magnificent Himalayan ranges has been offering baffling destinations to enjoy the refreshing sport. Nepal offers a wide range of canyoning destinations with different levels of difficulties; the country also boasts one of the highest canyoning destinations across the globe which has a length of 5200 m.

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the best zones and the hidden gems of the nature that the country has to offer; to savor the canyoning with full throttles on. Go through the best canyoning attraction of the country and find which one kickstarts your adventure engines.

1. Canyoning in Sundarijal

If you are looking to enjoy the canyoning within the Kathmandu valley, Sundarijal fills the void with suitable landscapes and majestic scenery. The name Sundarijal can be translated to gorgeous/beautiful water which is a fitting name considering the majestic water surface and region to enjoy trekking, swimming, and picnics as well.

The canyoning destination is located just 17 km from Kathmandu, the canyoning in Sundarijal quite popular among the tourist and locals. The canyoning zones are just half an hour uphill from Sundarijal village which boasts 5 canyoning falls. One of the canyoning falls which is approximately 15 m in a damp wet fall, the other four at the height of 18 m, 20 m, 35 m, and 45 m are wet falls.

The beautiful terrain is just right below the Shivapuri National Park adding more excitements to your canyon exploring.

2. Canyoning in Kakani

Another closet canyoning spot for thrill lovers; Kakani canyoning has been quite popular to add thrill and next level of excitement. This canyoning destination is just 35 km away from Kathmandu making it one of the best short-route canyoning attractions. You need to do a half-hour hike to reach the canyoning location.

The area is at the altitude of 1325 m from the seas level with moderate temperature ample flow throughout all seasons. It has two canyon zones which are above 100 m in Kakani will kick start adrenaline throughout your body; Chhahare which is at the height of 145 m and Phung Phungye at 185 m respectively. The medium-temperature waterfall throughout all the season is one of the plus points of this canyoning zone added with paranormal views of mountains like Manaslu, Langtang and Ganesh Himal.

The canyoning in this magnificent gem of nature will last about 2-3 hours. You can also stay the night if you wish at the Juretheum village where proper food and accommodation facilities are available. Furthermore, you can also witness fish farming of Japanese Trout Fish in the area which is quite famous.

3. Canyoning In Jalbire Chitwan

The astonishing canyoning location in Chitwan is also known as “the Lamo Jharana” which is, of course, one of the favorite destinations for the water-adventure lovers. It is also one of the closest spots to enjoy the canyoning; the Jalbire canyoning is located at 100 km distance from the capital of Nepal which will take approximately 3 hours of drive.

Jalbire, one of the best tourist attractions in Chitwan offers up to almost 5 waterfalls at a height of 40 to 50 meters. The amazing waterfalls, rock jumps, rocks slide and perfect closure with freshwater water pool splashing this place has to offer will simply take your breath away.

4. Canyoning in Charaudi

Charaudi--resting on the laps of nature offers gorgeous waterfalls, dazzling natural setting combined with a dive in the water pool below the canyoning fall which will give you an exceptional sensation of chock-full enjoyment of the water sport.

The canyoning spot is located 56 km from Kathmandu in the west region; the easily accessible canyoning zone can be reached within a 35 mins drive.

5. Canyoning in Pokhara

The city of beauty doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving its all to the visitors. Besides, the cities’ major attraction and presence of other adventure sports, it hasn’t let down the adventurous souls in canyoning as well. The canyoning location in Pokhara is just 1 hour drive from the main city towards the Lwang Ghalel Village and at the 1350 m altitude from the sea level.

Generally, Pokhara offers two canyoning zones at the height of 45 m and 75 m respectively accompanied by the refreshing waterfall. The adventurous canyoning fall and finally concluding the adventure in the pond below is certainly going to make your canyon conquest-- a satisfying endeavor.

6. Canyoning in Bhotekoshi

The center of all adventure sports--Bhotekoshi is by far one of the top destinations to dive into every kind of thrilling sport. Located at the three-hour driving range from Kathmandu it is also the best destination for white water rafting, bungee jumping, swing and so on.

The canyoning fall in one of Nepal’s top adventure sports attraction is surely is one the next level with challenging and difficult hurdles. Generally, there are four locations to enjoy the canyoning in Bhotekoshi; Jombo Khola-3 hours canyoning adventure, Kabre Khola around 3 hrs and 45 mins, Handi Khola 4 hours and Galung Khola with 6 hours of canyoning thrills. Further, the views of Himalayas, beautiful gorges and simple greenery terrains will add spirits to your canyoning adventure.

7. Canyoning in Trishuli

Trishuli--which traces its origin back to Langtang Himal is another top-contender in the canyoning adventure. The total compilation of thrilling sports is about 3 to 3.5 hours drive from the Kathmandu making it a wonderful short-route adventure store.

The canyoning with vertical cliffs and overhead water splash is a not-to-miss opportunity for the canyoning lovers to relish the full throttle of the adventure sports. Blessed with the magic of Himalayan flow alongside the high hills, beautiful gorges, Manakamana hill, and the faithful devotees will add warmth sensation in your heart.

8. Canyoning In Sunkoshi

Sunkoshi is another major attraction that is at 2000 m altitude from the sea level at top of Dorjegyang hill. The Kallery village is at a distance of 6 hours drive from the Dhulikhel highway and 6km from the rough link connecting village from Palanachok temple.

The distance between Dhulikhel and Kathmandu is approximate 29 km making it one the closet canyoning site. Besides a wide range of exploration,Sunkoshi has to offer and being a gold mine for canyoning as well as adventure sports, you can also witness the socio-culture and beautiful tradition among the diverse ethnic population in the region.

9. Canyoning In Marshyangdi

The canyoning program in Marshyangdi is one of the best programs the country has to offer. Located in Marshyangdi valley and at the gateway of the Annapurna circuit, this spot provides ultimate satisfaction of the adventure sport. The canyoning zones in Marshyangdi are super high and thrilling than any other location has to offer where you can enjoy both trekking and canyoning at the same time.

Marshyangdi also features the highest canyoning site in the world in Naarphu which has a length of 5200m. Besides that, other main attractions of canyoning in Marsynagdhi valley are Kabindra Canyoning(length 400m), Syange Canyoning(length 400m), Gopte Canyoning(length 400m), Tal Canyoning(length 500m), Raindu canyoning( length 600m), Gopte Canyoning(length 600m), Sansapu Canyoning(length 1200m), Jagat Canyoning(length 2000m), Chacmhe Khola Canyoning(length 4500m) and Bhulbule Canyoning(length 4500m).

The steep valleys with refreshing mountain streams offer the canyoning adventurers one of the best canyoning experiences of their life.

General Overview:

Although canyoning is one of the most adventurous and amusing thrilling adventures, you need to be careful regarding safety measures as the sports bears risks like hypothermia-hyperthermia, high flow of water, falling off rocks, getting lost and slippery as well as dangerous terrains. However, you will be briefed by a professional guide with years of experience in the field, so, as long as you stick to the guide’s suggestions and safety measures you will be fine. But, if you don’t follow the guide’s safety tips and measures, the guide has the right to exclude you from the canyoning adventure considering your safety.

Also, in order to fully prepare for the water sports, wear comfortable clothes but also which are fit, as loose clothing can get caught up on the ropes, carabiners as well as get troublesome and wobbly after getting wet in water. As for the footwear hiking and sports shoes are preferred which are of course closed to toe shoes.

Helpful Tips:

  • Bring an additional set of clothes (warm) to get nice and cozy after the thrilling water sports.
  • Don’t wear any expensive jewelry or carry gadgets that are bot water-resistant as there is a high chance of your important equipment getting dampened by the water or in worse case scenarios it will be lost, which as less probability of getting found according to the landscape.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up or make a ponytail so it doesn’t get strangled with ropes or canyoning equipment.Don’t stress out on what to take on your canyoning trip, all the equipment and safety gear, as well as wet suits, will be provided by the company. But, prepared with a water bottle to stay hydrated during the trip as well as sun cream and sunglasses; it will be quite a long adventure.

Photo Source: Chhango The Canyoning Company(Kishor Shahi)