Kathmandu itself is a mysterious and beautiful city. If we look Kathmandu valley while doing paragliding, it looks more beautiful and attractive. So many people do paragliding to enjoy the natural beauty of Kathmandu valley.

The Fun and Excitement of Paragliding 

Kathmandu is a well known tourist attraction area of Nepal because of its mind blowing god gifted nature. People come around the world just to experience a thrill of the nature with its beyond words beauty. Exploring nature here within ground itself gives pleasure but now it is possible to explore natural beauty of Kathmandu by roaming in air through paragliding. Paragliding in Kathmandu from a certain altitude in a clear day gives a great experience of life.

Many remarkable discoveries are made through air during paragliding along with the precious view of the Kathmandu city. Paragliding from the top hill of Godavari   Chapakharkha  from the height of  2100m  above the sea level. Kathmandu give many things to explore.

Stunning view of Kathmandu Valley while doing paragliding

Kathmandu Paragliding gives an opportunity to observe the awesome view of lots of abundant  Godavari  Botanical Gardens, which is a plantation containing of exotic of flora, and is a garden of dreams for birds. Spring season is indicated by the bloom of Rhododendron and the dramatic appearance of a number of colorful flowers in the garden beds and the surrounding forests. The greenery dazzles of the flower and to hear the chirping sounds of different delightful birds.

The view of Kathmandu surrounded by green hills, mountain ranges and highly dense forest makes the flight marvelous. The scent of the fresh air, the views of the old tiny and colorful houses of inhabitants, tall buildings, sky with many birds and clouds and the landscapes here makes us interrogate, is this Kathmandu?

Nothing can beat the thrill of being up in the sky.

Exploring the peaceful blue sky with the great panoramic view and overwhelming nature gives a pleasure of paragliding. Paragliding in Kathmandu a gives a great moment to make a great discovery of the life, flying  at the high altitude, like a bird have its own wonderful and thrilling experience.  Paragliding in the sky of Kathmandu gives us opportunity to explore such things that we cannot even visualize in our dream.

The atmosphere around Kathmandu is clearly seen during the glide.  The shiny rivers flowing through the towns makes Kathmandu a heaven. The roads full of vehicles and people all over, many temples, green hills and shiny rivers due to reflection of sunlight are the eye catching scenes seen through the glide. Peaceful environment up in the sky with the stunning scenario of Kathmandu welcomes every para gliders every time.

Paragliding from Kathmandu gives opportunity to be face to face with the high mountains and hills and makes us feel proud and enormous. Blue sky greets the glider with the amazing and awesome panoramic view. The landscape of Kathmandu seems like a treasure while gliding. The nature gifted scenario with the blessed climate and landscapes makes Kathmandu a city of our dreams. The wide angle view of Kathmandu reflects the purity of the nature. The image of the stunning scene gets pasted in our heart for lifetime. The glide helps to forget  all the stress and also can change our perspective of view how we see things.