In the midst of adventure-seeking hearts who love thrilling sports, bungee jumping is also one of the very popular sports to get the adrenaline pumping. The sport where a person jumps from high place free falling with secure long nylon cased rubber attached to the ankles is quite famous for the courageous hearts seeking adventures. The rope is designed to stretch and not break bounces jumper back up few times before finally settling down.

Unlike other sports where you have to take certain classes and lessons before giving in for the thrills, there is no need for any extra teaching for the sports—simply be there and enjoy the electrifying sports following the necessary instructions provided by the instructor.

There are several countries that host the heart-pounding thrilling sports but, among them, Nepal is quite famous as the convenient destination for adventurous sports.  The country covered with mountains and greenery hosts favorable spots to enjoy the breathtaking sports to the full extent. Besides country also hosting other famous favorite adventure sports like skydiving, paragliding, whitewater rafting, zip line flying, and white water rafting—bungee jumping has successfully managed to be a favorite sport for the thrill-seeking adventurers.

So if you are planning to visit the country make sure to put the once in a lifetime opportunity in your bucket list.  There is no particular season to enjoy sports, the beloved adventure sports can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Here,we are going to talk about the famous bungee jumping destinations of Nepal which have successfully managed to engrave their name as historic marks in the adventure sporting realm.

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi

Among the available bungee jump resources, Bhotekoshi bungee jumping is one of the most famous destinations for adventures in Nepal. Bhotekoshi bungee jumping  at the last resort is one of the naturally gifted and spectacular bungee jumping spots in the country.

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi by The Last Resort

The naturally gifted bungee jumping spot rests at the lap of the mountains where you can enjoy the magnificent view and fresh cold air of the surrounding greenery mountain. The jumping bridge was designed by the Swiss company using top-class material and equipment regarding the safety of the visitors following 4x safety measurements. The bridge can hold up to 4.5 tons of weight so it’s pretty reliable and safe meeting the required safety measures.

Furthermore, the bungee jumping spot designed with 160 m wide steel suspension is at the altitude of 3600 ft. The bungee jumping expert from New Zealand was the architect behind the design of the bungee jumping spot to make it a mishap proof location.

Making the jump in the canvas of the surrounding mountain and feeling the breeze of the flow of the mighty Bhotekoshi-river when you swing towards it--the 500 feet jump in the gorge of the river with the majestic view will simply take your breath away.

The one of the most spectacular bungee jumping spots in the country is just at the distance of three hours driving range so, you can include it in a one-day excursion package and save enough time if you have other pre-planned arrangements for later on.

Bungee Jumping Pokhara

Besides the popularity of naturally gifted bungee jumping in Bhotekoshi among the thrilling sports lovers, the bungee jumping in Pokhara which is also known as Hemja Bungee Jump (High Ground Adventure) is also a quite famous and cherished destination of the bungee enthusiasts. The Pokhara bungee jump is Nepal’s first and only tower bungee jump, it has been marked as the country’s highest bungee jump.

The Hemja bungee jump has been designed on 50 m & 32 m cliff steel tower, the 70 meter of vertical jump and 5 seconds of free fall is quite famous among the visitors. The bungee jumping spot isn’t that far away from the lakeside attraction of the city; it is just 20 minutes far from Pokhara lakeside, so, you can return in time to enjoy the venting view or take a stroll through the city

The bungee jumping service which rests in heavenly settlements is available every day for the thrill-seeking souls. The professional jump master’s guidance, as well as the best tools and techniques practiced in the business, will certainly give you relief to enjoy the adventurous sports to the fullest. So, ride along for enjoying the Himalayas views mixed with adrenaline rushes of the jump—which will undoubtedly be a life-long memory that you will treasure.

Kushma Bungee Jumping (Kaligandaki Bungee Jump)

Kushma Bungee jumping has already become a sensation among the bungee lovers even before opening up for thrilling action. The bungee jumping spot being a hot topic isn’t quite surprising as it is making a name as the highest bungee jumping destination in Nepal where the sports enthusiasts can enjoy the extreme sport to the next level.

Although Kushma bungee is the third addition of the country’s bungee jumping site, it is expected to be the next top attraction for the bungee lovers. The destination resting firm alongside the natural beauty has it all; cold fresh breeze of Kaligandaki and mesmerizing mountain views.

This bungee jumping spot lies in the Kushma Parvat District of Nepal. The bungee bridge is situated amidst the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain it has been inbuilt in the 520 m steel bridge which connects the Kushma of Parvat with the Balewa of Baglung forming a perfect natural location to the enjoy the sports in the natural free-fall canvas which is sure to take the adventurous soul to next level of excitement. The visitors can make the 224 m long bungee jump, a second highest bungee jumping Havana for the thrilling sports lover. Moreover, according to the world atlas, the extreme cliff bungee jumping is the third-highest bungee jumping in the world.

So, the panoramic breathtaking views and fierce jump in the Kaligandaki gorge is a not-to-miss opportunity for the bungee lovers.

The Kushma bungee jump is yet to make debut among the sports enthusiasts; the spot is expected to be in action since 12th April 2020 on the occasion of Nepali new year 1st Baisakh 2077. The extreme bungee jumping is expected to make a lasting impression among the fellow sports lovers. In addition to on-air experience, the bridge also offers the cliff swing which is at the height of 228 meters and one of the highest swings in the world.

The location is 60 km away from Pokhara and can be included in the one-day excursion package. If you are planning a trip from Kathmandu it is 200 km away from the capital valley.

Professional teams and bungee master with years of experience will make you feel relieved and secure so you can enjoy the full throttle of the daring sports made for the brave and courageous hearts-- at the next extreme level of the thrills.

General Overview

Although the bungee jumping is all about testing courage and love for the thrilling feelings it sends down the spine, you have to be careful about your health condition and takes measures so it doesn’t have any kind of negative effects on your well-being. Here we have listed some health issues that are not suitable for bungee jumping:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Neurological issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychological problems
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Alcohol and drug addictions

Nothing is more important than a sound health, so, if you have any above-mentioned issues you won’t be allowed to make the jump. But, there is always a next time for you to enjoy the thrilling adventure to the contents of your heart.

Besides that, there aren’t any kinds of other issues to stop you to fill your hearts with the thrilling memory, however, you need to be careful and strictly follow the instructions provided by the bungee master. So as long as you have rain-checked the above-mentioned facts then you are good to make the jump…don’t waver and leap forward to get a little closer to mysteries that the universe holds.

If you are looking up for making plans to enjoy the adventure sports, GoGlides is the perfect guide which will help you to make a life-long memory. The bungee jumping services of the renowned company has been ranked 3 stars for its satisfying services at a reasonable price.

Although the bungee jumping is available in every season throughout the years the best season Sep-Nov and Mar-May. For meeting circumstances of the goGlide's package, the visitor should be at least of age 14 and with a weight minimum of 25 kg—the sport is off-limit for the people above 70 years of age and weighing more than 100 kg. There are several packages available from the agency so you can make the pick that is most suitable for you. Also, services like transportation, meals, accommodation, bungee jumping gears, and a jumping instructor will be covered by the expenses of the package.

So, what are you waiting for--don’t hold back, give it a try for a thrilling ride that will pump the adrenaline throughout your body and create a memory that when you turn back—you can say “I Lived”.