Adventure is always exciting and anxious. It does not matter how many times you have already performed. There is still a feeling of sensation and excitement every time you do it. Risk and fun come together on an adventure. So does the rafting. But, rafting comes in the choice of most of the adventure lovers. It is affordable and full of excitement. It doesn't require many health hazards as other adventure activities such as bungee. Only we need a spirit to go into the water. You need to stay alert and follow the instructions of the raft guide properly. You will enjoy the fullest.

In Nepal, there are many rivers where one can enjoy white water rafting. Among all Bhotekoshi and Trishuli rivers are the most popular rivers for rafting. Rafting is always fun.

It was not my first time doing rafting. I had already experienced two times before at the Trishuli River, which was exciting. This time, I proposed the Bhotekoshi river for the rafting plan at my office. I was willing to go to the Bhotekoshi river. Later the discussion ended with the final decision to go to Bhotekoshi.

As the plan was for the overnight stay at Bhotekoshi beach, we planned to start our journey from the office after lunch.With our packing stuff, we departed from our office at Kathmandu, at about 2 pm. Enjoying and singing, we left Kathmandu in a micro. We had some excellent delicious snacks on Dolalghat. I am a vegetarian, but my colleagues enjoyed the local fish fry of the Dolalghat river.

We reached Sukute after 4 hours drive. Our destination was Riverbay Resort on Sukute, Sindhupalchowk. After we got the tent number, we all kept our bags in our respective tents. We had buffet welcome snacks after the invitation of the resort. I loved the peanuts masala and the popcorn. The night lights were on, and the resort was sparkling everywhere. Everyone was enjoying the resort. The Snooker board and the swimming pool were full of people. After dinner, our team joined the open dance with the other guests in the resort. The DJ had the right choice of songs for the dance. With the dazzling lights, our group kept on dancing. Everyone was dancing and enjoying the night to the fullest. We didn't notice that it was already 2 am. Surprisingly, people, including us, were still dancing. Everyone went to their safari tent, saying, "Goodnight." I felt exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I laid down on the bed. You can imagine how much we were tired of dancing the whole night.

The next morning, the scheduled starting time for rafting was 8 am. With the early morning tea and light breakfast in the resort,we were ready for the rafting at the Bhotekoshi river. We were 17 people in our group. After filling all the rafting forms, we drove about 15 min to the starting point of rafting. I don't remember the name of the place. After reaching the starting point, we took our rafting gears(helmet, lifejacket, and paddle) from the rafting members. We, with the other guest, gathered for the briefing session by the rafting guide before the rafting. Most people were experiencing rafting for the first time. Everyone was concentrating on briefing as there are some essential commands and guidelines as the river's safety measure. For some, including me, was the first time in Bhotekoshi river.

The beautiful stone in the beach of Bhotekoshi River

I was delighted to see the river flowing rapidly with the crystal water through the rocks. Bhotekoshi river is often called "Rocky River." Due to its higher rapid flow between the stones. We could see so many rocks in the river during the summer season. In the rainy season, the flood covers all the rocks. It was summertime. The water rapids created by the presence of the stones were looking exhilarating. Due to the tiredness of night dance, I was feeling little dizzy in the bright sun. It was not my first time entering the river, but I always feel afraid every time I do. I have a type of phobia in water. I am very much scared of the river waves. Don't worry if you arefear of water. You can involve and enjoy rafting despite your phobia. Just dare to join others and follow the guidelines of the rafting guide properly.

There is a saying, "There is victory beyond your fear." Dare to have fun in the river.

Now, every time was set up for rafting. We split the group into two. Out of 17;8 in one raft and 9 in another raft boat. With some rehearsals of the commands, the adventure was on. Our raft boat followed the two boats, which went ahead of us, and one was following behind us. The water was so clear. I smiled, thinking, "This time rafting is going to be a clean one." Because the water was not so clean in my first and second experience in the Trishuli river, I noticed the pebbles deep in the Bhotekoshi River's water. The crystal clear water made me happier for the rafting.

With the command of our ten years professional rafting guide, Suman Tamang, we kept on paddling. I sat in the middle of the right side of my raft boat.Paddling and singing Nepali songs, moving downward of the Lower Bhotekoshi. The rocky river, Bhotekoshi, has more rapid flow in summer seasons due to the less water and the presence of rocks in the middle. I noticed much speed of water in Bhotekoshi than the Trishuli river. I was excited to see the beautiful and exciting rapids frequently. Suman Dai kept on explaining about the river and the rapids on the way. We kept on following the commands such as "Right side on," "Left side on," "Down," "Up,"Stop." In the "Move Down" command, we all have to hide down the raft. With excitement and fun, we were busy with our songs and the beautiful rapids on the way down.

I never thought that Bhotekoshi river would look such beautiful. The crystal water following down with the glittering stones and rocks in the bright sunshine. The view was mesmerizing. The green environment and the open, clear weather added more beauty to our adventure.Added more fun even with the other groups by throwing water with the paddles to each other groups. Now, we were all wet from top to bottom. With the splash of the water, I felt a gentle breeze in the hot sun. Suman dai was an interesting type of person. Suddenly, in one place, he pointed us a place down on the way. He was informing us of the spot-where maximum turnover takes place. He told us, "In this place, at least one raft boateither overturns, or someone falls." Listening to him, I was praying-"I hope everything goes fine." Among the four rafting boats,the first and second raft boats went smoothly. I was now not worried. Now, it was our time. We were going on our flow.

I fell into the river.

Suddenly, I fell into the river.Oh my god! I was terrified when I found myself inside the water. I was feeling the lift up as well as drowning type vibes. It was my first time into the river in my lifetime. I'm even afraid to go inside the swimming pool. I don't know what type of phobia of water I have. Totally,out of mind, I was struggling below and also listening to echoing sounds above the water. I was drowning, and water enters my ear, nose, and mouth. I felt dumb. Suddenly, I saw Suraj (one in my boat) in the water a bit far from me. Then, I knew it was not only me falling into the water. Seeing Suraj, I felt calm and strong.

Now, I focused on how to stay safe in the water. As per the rafting guidelines,I tried to turn on back, but it was not easy to turn back in the flowing river. After trying a few times, I successfully turned on back and started floating effortlessly up with the life jacket.In case of falling, the best technique to float upon the lifejacket is staying calm and turning head up towards the sky and leaving the body free. The lifejacket will lift you. Soon after, I was on the surface. I saw Suman dai and other friends were trying out for rescue.Now, I was feeling relief while listening to the command from the raft guide and friends. All the flashbacks of the rafting briefing came in my mind. I was surprised to see that I didn't leave the paddle even I fell. The guide signaled and shouted out with a rope, and he was saying to catch it out. I was going upand down of water. I was not sure that I could catch the line, which was very far from the water. I didn't lose hope and tried to capture the throw.

I catched the line

Felt released soon as I was able to catch the rope. I remembered the essential guidelines which I had heard since my first time of rafting. All the careful hearing in the rafting session was worth in the accident situation. The crew on my raft pulled me up soon after I came near to my raft boat. I was now laughing to see others pulling such a heavy person like me. I was not so easy,but they did it. Thanks, guys, for saving me.

Later, I knew that four people on the right side all fell into the water. Soon, we rescued Suraj and Kunal  with the help of kayak and team. It was so surprising to see Kailash floating down and reaching the other rafting team. They rescued Kailash, and we were all happy.Later, Kailash joined our raft.

Suman Dai told us that if we hadn't fallen, the raft would have turned down. Maybe he was joking. In my before experiences, I never went inside the water even in the safe swimming zone. I would never try to go inside water willingly in the swimming zone or somewhere else, in a flowing river. Maybe, it was the reason; I was one to fall. Nature wanted me to feel its dip me inside the serene Bhotekoshi river.

My nose felt like a common cold. My voice was getting thicker. Again, back to the commands, we continued following the rapids and enjoying the adventure and splash of water. With the flow down, we all stopped at the beach of Bhotekoshi. It was a part of the rafting fun event for the day. The sand beach looked cool in the middle of the jungle and river aside. It was an open and beautiful sand area with some pebbles. Now, with our paddles and life jacket on, we followed our team and rafting guide. All the team members from 4 rafting boats were gathered together for a game. It was a rounding paddle game. We need to pass the paddle from one to another with the signal and save it from falling as per the leader's command. The winning prize was a red bull.

Paddle game in Bhotekoshi

I was out in 2 rounds.Hopeless me.I'm not good in games.

Finding the beach so beautiful, we had some clicks with the Suman dai's camera. The photos are excellent. Soon the game ended. I was happy to see a girl wining. It looked simple, but it was not so easy to win.Now, time to be back to the raft boat. With some rapids, we reached the beautiful beach of Riverbay Resort. After reaching the resort, we took lunch after the shower. After enjoying some leisure time in the bay of Bhotekoshi river, we departed for Kathmandu.

Rafting in the Bhotekoshi river was a super fantastic adventure for me. You already know why I am saying so. It was my first time rafting experience in Bhotekoshi, and it was so much thrilling.Doing adventure is always taking some challenges for fun. Rafting is an exciting adventure sport.

You'll enjoy the splashing fun in the water flowing with the rapids. If you are afraid of water and you don't know swimming, there is no worry. You don't need to swim in the river, and even if you fall in the water, you'll have a life jacket to save you from drowning. There are rescue teams and kayaks to rescue in case of an accident. Make sure you listen to the rafting briefing properly before the rafting. Just follow the guidelines of the rafting guide properly. Be calm and follow the instructions properly. Don't panic.

You will be safe!

There are fewer chances of falling and turnover of the rafting boat. Even it happens, they are going to be the thrilling experiences of your rafting memories.

Rafting is fun

I hope my rafting experiences will excite you if you are thinking of rafting for the first time. Collect your courage and back-off the fear inside you and go for a rafting adventure. I am sure you will have the best memories of the beautiful and rocky rivers in Nepal. Adventure is here. Flow down the river and feel the thrill of rapids in the rivers of Nepal.

Look the crystal water

"Beyond fear lies victory"-Dare to conquer the rafting adventure in the river of Nepal. Have mesmerizing rafting memories for the lifetime.