With the frequent update in the technology, the modes of traveling have also enhanced relatively. The days where the travelers had to carry big maps, hotel and restaurant pamphlets, and big bags for cameras are over, now, everyone has access to different kinds of features with the help of just one device that fits on the palm of their hand. Likely, over the years a lot of potential apps have been introduced to make the travel experience smooth and fun.

Here, we have listed 25 of the best apps that are helpful in several circumstances, and also some of them have got multiple features to make your expedition a delightful experience.

1. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is one of the most famous travel apps that helps you to organize an epic and perfect trip. This app helps you to plan a suitable route with the benefits of booking accommodation facilities and activities you could do along the way. Roadtrippers is especially known for its feature of providing many interesting and off-beaten paths that you could take in your exploration. Further, this app lets you bookmark the major landmarks in your trip and roadside attraction to make your expedition more fun. Plus, you will get live notification about traffic and save offline maps in the app to be completely prepared.

2. LoungeBuddy

The LoungeBuddy app offers premium airport lounges all over the world to travelers. It doesn’t matter which airline or class you are booked with, if you plan a trip in the app, it will provide you a list of lounges you have access to depending on your flight’s transit points. Even if you don’t have access to the lounge, you can purchase it with the help of this app or you can pre-book the lounge up to two months ahead of your schedule. Moreover, this app is free of cost, and you will also be notified if there is any free lounge available in the airports that you will be transmitted through.

3. Airbnb

If you want to feel the comfort of home instead of regular hotels, you can use this app to book the home rental services. You can input your dates and destination in the app and use different kinds of filters depending on the home type you are looking for, the price ranges, and other requirements. You don’t have to book the whole house, based on your requirements you can book a single room, a couch, or a flat from the locals in the areas. This app is also suitable for last-minute travelers who can search for properties that don’t require pre-approval.

4. AirHelp

When you are looking up for a fun-filled trip, the delay of your flights or in the worst-case scenario facing a cancelation can be quite heartbreaking. In such difficult circumstances, AirHelp will stand firm beside you, the US and EU provide compensation in such circumstances to the travelers, however, claiming compensation is a very complicated process and less than 1% of passengers are titled to remuneration. With the help of this app, you can easily follow the steps to claim compensation while waiting around the airport. You have to enter the flight details and problems which will be processed by the AirHelp, they will take 25% of the claim if it is successful.

5. Hostelworld

Hostelworld like its name is a famous app known for reliable accommodation facilities. You can surf through the different kinds of hostel facilities in your destination with description features and different kinds of filters as per your need in this app. Available for both iOS and Android devices the full interactive map of this app makes it fun to search for the accommodation facility of your choice. You can easily find the hostels near the travel destination of your choice or the suitable ones along your long route. Furthermore, the review features which are just one tap away will be quite helpful to what kind of hostel it is depending on the previous experiences of travelers.


If you are traveling but the budget is limited or you want the easiest way to travel you can prefer Skyscanner. Especially this app is the preferred method for finding cheap flights. This app searches millions of flights from its different sources, almost more than 1200. This app provides you with the best options available either the cheapest or easiest one. It is available in over 30 languages all over the world, so you can use it according to your comfort zone. The handy chart features lets you look at the cheapest days or months to fly to your destination. Even it sends you a notification regarding price modification.


Traveling itself is fun and excited but if you are stuck and need to reserve a room then Hoteltonight is the best option. It has unique wonderful qualities that you can get at last-minute discounts on empty hotel rooms. Due to the last nature of bookings, this app provides heavy discounts on the hotel rate. Generally, it allows users to find discounted hotel accommodation. It is incredibly easy to use and it doesn’t take a long process to reticence a room. You can search by city or attraction, or on the map. Even you can check out the reviews and photos from other travelers. Subsequently, it has 24/7 customer support.


Triplt app helps you to assemble your upcoming travel venture. It helps to organize your travel plans no matter where you book. Simplify you have to forward your hotel, restaurant, flight, and car rental confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com it self-executing transfers all the information to your venture. So easily you can get all your views of upcoming plans at once. Get the latest upgrade pro version where it tries to give you alternative routes for flights as well as flight cancelation, delay, and many more. It even reminds and alerts so you never miss a beat.

9. Hopper

This one the most helpful app to find the cheapest flights and make your trip a cost-efficient fun. However, if your dates are set on stones then it might get a little complicated to adjust to the flight schedules. All you have to do is put your home city and the destination you want to be at, then, this app shows the calendar of the coming year and dates color-coded. The green-colored quoted sections are the cheapest, similarly, the orange determines a little higher price, and coral indicates even more, and, finally the red colored sections being the highest costing flights.

10. Packpoint

Packing is certainly a stressing chore when you are traveling, determining what to include in your trip and what not can come out pretty hard especially on the new travelers. So, to ease your troubles this amazingly helpful app was created, this app shows you what you should be carrying with yourself by determining the length of your adventure including the activities you have planned along the way. Plus, if you have access to laundry services in your destination, Packpoint allows you to account for washing your clothes and using them multiple times.

11. FlightAware

This is another helpful app if you want to keep checking up on the flight you are expecting. In airway traveling, the delays of flight, cancelation, and gate changes can be a real pain in the heart. However, with this helpful app, FlightAware, you will be frequently updated about your plane; you can even see a live map of the route of the plane. So, it is a quite favorable app to save you from the different kinds of hassles at the airport. In addition to that, if you are picking up friends or family from the airport, you can use this app to be updated about their flight and make it at the airport at the right time, otherwise, the waiting for the delayed flight can tiresome.

12. Waze

This amazingly designed application can save you from a lot of troubles that you face on the road trip. Waze is specially designed to monitor the ongoing updates on the roads and keep the users up to date with that information. Nothing kills the vacation spirit than getting stuck in traffic for hours, this app will provide you details about the blocked roads, accidents, police, congestion, and other hazards that can delay your itinerary plans. Besides keeping you updated with road news, this application also has a speedometer to monitor your speed and will notify you if you go above the marked limit, saving you from any kind of mishaps and legal issues on the road.

13. Timeshifter

Timeshifter is a fascinating app that is known to help you cure jet lag. Timeshifter starts helping the travelers even before they board for the flight providing several health tips both for inflight and post-flight cases. This app was created based on neuroscience research focused on the sleep and circadian of different rhythms to meet the needs of every kind of traveler considering the gender, age, and sleeping patterns. This app calculates when you should take a nap or stay awake, also, determining when you should seek light, and when you shouldn’t. Likewise, Timeshifter also tells you whether you should be consuming caffeine or melatonin considering your personalized information.

14. Kayak

This app lets you find the best fare price to your destination with the privilege of filtering the flights based on the travelers’ preferences. Kayak is easily accessible where you can also easily change the dates or departures as well as your desired destinations. The features of this amazing app just don’t end here, you can also book various car rental services and accommodation facilities with the help of this app. available for both iOS and Android users, this app will help you keep your trip plan scheduled and organized by frequently updating the travelers about the flight updates, airport terminal and the duration of security wait.

15. Rome2rio

Including data from over 160 countries, this travel app has managed to be one of the favorite picks among travelers for its different range of services. Rome2rio lists things that you should do and recommends accommodation facilities after just adding the city and address of your destination. So, if you want to explore more than the suggestions of your friends and travel agency, use this app and you won’t miss any attraction in your destination finding more than what you were looking for. Also, Rome2rio shows you how to get around your destination and compare the prices among the different kinds of services.


The road trips are without the doubt the most fun and budget-friendly way of traveling, so to make your road fun more efficient this app can be pretty advantageous. With the help of GasBuddy, you can find the best gas price along the route to your destinations. This app which has got 4.7 out of 5 ratings and over 300K reviews is also designed with other helpful features like outage tracking in case of natural disasters, calculating the trip cost, and location. Plus, added with the filters like finding the restrooms, markets, you can also save 5¢ per every gallon if you use the paying feature of the app ‘Pay with GasBuddy’.

17. Flush

During the trip, we plan everything but one of the most underestimated factors is always the pre-planning for the natural break. It can be quite hard to find the public bathroom services in your expedition; however, with the help of Flush, you can have access to the bathrooms near your destination. Flush has over 190K public bathrooms on its database from across the globe to aid you in case you need to take a break. Furthermore, this bathroom app will also aid you to identify which bathrooms are free of cost and the charge of use in the bathroom where you need to pay. You will also have the feature to rate and provide reviews about bathrooms, so you can read reviews before marking it on your destination.

18. Alltrails

Designed for nature lovers, if you are fond of hiking and want to burn a few calories on your vacation, this app is a perfect fit for you. Alltrails app contains more than 100K curated trails specially designed for hiking on the beautiful landscapes enjoying the picturesque view of Mother Nature. You can find at least one hiking trail near your destination with the help of this app and add excitement in your trip taking on the beautiful course up the hills and magnificent natural settings.

19. App In The Air

Landing itself on the ‘Best App’ list by Apple, App in the Air is popular for the various ranges of features it boasts. This app just doesn’t keep you organized for your itineraries, flier programs, and boarding passes but also covers the boarding and landing time of your flight keeping you up-to-date about on-going important updates. Plus, you will have the privilege of knowing about the wait for check-ins, security, and customs, not to mention the genuine feature of helping you know whether your carry-on is suitable for your next flight or not.

20. Google Maps

Google, which is considered the best platform around the world, also provides one of the best navigation facilities across the world. Google maps are known as the source of all information covering even simple landmarks that cannot be found in other navigating apps, with the feature of adding new local destinations or providing suggestions about the pre-existing landmarks. Further, you can download the offline maps for the use and it is also impressively helpful to find the restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions in your destination. One of the best features of this app is that it will estimate the distance and time it takes you to reach the destination with different modes like on foot, on the bike, and via four-wheelers.

21. Google Translate

Another amazing work by Google, the-Google Translate can translate what you type into 103 languages and with over 60 language’s offline access. You can also use the handwriting feature of this app where you can draw the character of the language to translate it to the meaning in your preferred language. Another amazing feat of this app is that it can translate up to 37 languages via camera, you can simply click the part you need to translate and Google will do the rest. When you are traveling overseas and you are not familiar with the language of your destination, this app can come quite handy to have a smooth journey.

22. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is one of the all in one resource app which provides a wide range of features. From helping you to find the destinations you may like to offer you the lowest accommodation and flight cost, Hipmunk covers overall every aspect of your trip to make it a wonderful experience. You can search for the destination with filters like continents, country, region, and city comparing the price for food and accommodation facilities at your destination. Also, you can use the ‘heat maps’ feature of the app to visualize the proximity of accommodation services to food and entertainment facilities as well.

23. Tricount

If you are planning a trip with your friends, family, or a large number of the group, Tricount is the perfect app to split the bills of the shared cost. This app lets you easily split the cost among your travel mates without you worrying about who had to bear the heavy cost. Tricount lets you enter the currency rates and record the expenses every time someone pays for something. The app automatically splits the cost evenly among the number of payers in the group, further, you can also store the receipts of expenses made on your travel and at the end of the trip, and the app will calculate the amount owed by each head making it easy to divide the total expenses.

24. Happy Cow

Specially designed to guide the vegan and vegetarian all over the world, Happy Cow app offers the users to find suitable eateries in over 195 countries. This app aids the vegan and vegetarians to locate the grocery stores, markets, cafes, and restaurants near the destination they are traveling. Traveling can be quite hard on the vegan and vegetarian people as the availability of suitable eateries for such people is limited across the world, however, with the help of this app they can choose from over 100K food stores and restaurants that are distributed all over the globe. Further, this app also lets the user rate and reviews the marked stores and restaurants to make a pleasant experience in the new destination.

25. XE Currency

Although this app may not show fascinating features like other applications, it can come quite handy when you are on overseas trips. XE Currency is a currency converter app that is frequently updated to provide you the precise exchange rate. Available for both iOS and Android devices you can also get live offers of the exchange rate. Furthermore, another special feature about this app is that you can store the recent exchange rates you have freshly accessed to, for offline use.