Passion for traveling is the way of living, the person who doesn’t travel hasn’t probably seen everything and is unfamiliar with the wonders and the mysteries this beautiful world beholds. So, to inspire people and give them a taste of the wonders spread across the world, the travel journalists play pretty crucial roles. With so many travel writers out there you might be in a dilemma about who you should follow and who are the trustworthy authentic writers out there. Well, we have come up with 20 of the best travel journalists from across the world who are known for their remarkable works, so, decide who is going to be your next best travel writer.

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Lindsay Tigar
Lindsay Tigar is a prestigious and renowned travel journalist who has dedicated over a decade as a travel and lifestyle journalist. She has also made appearances in world-renowned giant media like Leisure, Vogue, USA Today, and Trave+. Her beautiful writing style focusing on the imagery has been unique and loved portion articles. Dubbed as one of the best female travel journalists around the world, Lindsay covers her articles--letting her readers in her wonderful adventures, and covering the narrow beats of industry-specific writings. Her writings are known for always putting out the best stuff about any destination, covering even the minor details, and offering some tips & advice along the way.

Geoffrey Morrison
Geoffrey Morrison, a travel journalist who is known to set a standard for all the travel content out there. He is an LA-based freelance travel writer and editor-at-large at the Wirecutter who is known for his contribution to the big-names like Forbes, CNET, and New York Times. Besides that, his articles have also been featured in Men’s Journal,,,, Consumers Digest, Home Theater, Sound+Vision, Popular Photography, and many more. Geoffrey has been hitting the road for quite a long time and has earned the name of a digital nomad traveler, who has been hacking the travel marathon for ages.

Lavanya Sunkara
Lavanya Sunkara, the New York-based freelancer with over a decade of experience as a travel and lifestyle writer as well as editor is another top name in the travel journalist list. Her work has been featured in the renowned media like The New York Times, USA Today, Architectural Digest, Fodor’s Travel, Shermans Travel, Shermans, The Points Guy, AmNY, Johnny Jet, Huffington Post, 10Best and many more. Besides those, she is also a weekly columnist for the NBC Pesticide and works as a blogger for the BarkPost. This female solo traveler who features new things covers incredible destinations and valuable tips to her readers-doesn’t waver to voice her opinions.

Tanner Garrity
Tanner Garrity is an American travel journalist who is known for his work as an associate and head writer for InsideHook's weekly travel-newsletter ‘The Journey’. Besides working as a travel journalist, Tanner has also made contributions in the writings covering health & fitness, pop culture, fashion & style topics. His travel articles have also been featured in Points in Case, McSweeney’s, Men’s Journal, and several other popular media. He has been known to include his travel hacking idea and reviews which are quite helpful if you are planning a trip to the destinations he has visited.

Rachel Cavanaugh
Rachel Cavanaugh is a Portland-based travel journalist who is also a commerce writer for the Bustle. She works on her articles covering traveling destinations, outdoor adventures, and even fitness and lifestyle. Besides that, she has also worked as an outdoor writer and technical writer for the Digital Trends, as a global content writer for Nike and also as a digital producer for the MSN. The writing of this popular travel journalist has been featured in popular platforms like The Hollywood Reporter, Gear Junkie, Men’s Journal, Yahoo Tech, MSN Canada, Matador Network, Bozeman Chronicle, Stacker, and many more.

Abbie Kozolchyk
Abbie Kzoolchyk is a professional writer who has years of experience in the travel sector and has worked for some of the renowned platforms like Forbes Traveler, Cosmopolitan, Geographic Traveler, and so on. This travel journalist has also been honored with the title of Best Women’s Travel Writer in the past. Her articles disclose the adventurous journey she had had; they are known to be a wonderful piece of art that inspires the adventurer souls who are seeking more in their life. You will also find a wide range of topics covered on her websites from lifestyle; travel hacks to reviews, in addition to those, her food articles are sights to behold.

Leslie Patrick
Leslie Patrick is a freelance writer who specializes in travel and fashion writing. Whether it be writing shopping guides about your travel city or reviews of the best hotels in the destination, this travel journalist is known to cover every aspect of your adventure to make it a wonderful trip. She has traveled all over the US, further; her travel writing has also taken her across the globe from Uruguay to Scotland. This fashionista travel writer isn’t any less than experts in the design, shopping, and fashion sector with the upper hand on featuring her travel journey, tips, and the beautiful culture in the destination.

Frank Bures
The Minneapolis based travel writer, Frank Bures is known as an adventurer and family man who tries to showcase the beauty and culture of the destination in depth. Frank’s world-class writings have also been featured in popular media like L.A Times, The Washington Post Magazine, Harper’s Esquire, and several others. The family man doesn’t just visit a location; he truly tries to live in the moment and soaks himself in the surrounding relishing every minute. He is quite popular among the readers for his humble and likable character who showcases some real thoughts about his destinations with some touchy reflective lines about what it’s like to be a human.

Rob Verger
Rob Verger, the Columbia University graduate travel journalist who excels in the field of both photography as well as writing. Besides, his skill as a talented travel journalist, Rob is also a skillful bibliography writer, interviewer, and reviewer. His works have also been featured in platforms like The Faster Times, The Boston Globe, the World Hum website, and many more. The combination of amazing writing and top-class photography skill set sets him among the top travel journalists in the world. With over a decade of experience in the travel world, his diverse topics, tips and review, and simply fascinating photographs will glue any readers to his contents.

Nancy Wigston
Nancy Wigston is a Montreal based travel journalist who has been studying, teaching, and writing in the literary field for quite a long time. Over twenty years of experience in the field have secured her top spot as a travel journalist as well as a travel photographer. Along the way, she has also worked for some of the prestigious associations like The National Post, The Toronto Star, and many more. Her adventure has taken her all over the globe from the Far East to around Europe.

Rena Behar
Rena Behar, a freelance editor, and copy editor who specializes in travel journalism is also a lifestyle and e-commerce writer. She writes researched diverse topic content for outlets like Money Magazine, The Kitchn, Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine,, Apartment Therapy,, Lifehacker, and several others. Rena’s travel articles feature her earnest voice and the vibrant scenery in her destinations. This travel writer writes her contents from the traveler’s point of view and gives some of the helpful tips, travel hacks, and not to miss attractions at the destinations, so, is one of the most loved and popular travel destinations out there.

Kastalia Medrano
The Manhattan-based travel writer, Kastalia Medrano quit her job as a science writer at Newsweek to explore the world and write about her adventures at Thrillist. Her creative contents have been featured in famous outlets like VICE, National Geographic, Pacific Standard, Real Life Magazine, The Paris Review Daily, and many more. Kastalia is known for favoring reviews about food, accommodation facilities, and overall her travel experience in the destination with the list of attractions you shouldn’t miss in your adventure over the story-based writing style favored by most travel journalists. Her authentic and inspiring content will tempt any adventurer out there to pack their bag and hit the road.

Duncan Rhodes
Duncan Rhodes, a London based travel writer is the founder and editor of the Urban Travel Blog. His travel journalist career has spanned over a decade giving his readers a ride along in his adventure of the world. Duncan as of now is focussed on making his website ‘Urban Travel’ the best travel blog across the globe which has been designed to help people take a city break in desired locations. Besides, working for his dream blob, Duncan has also been featured in popular media like Easyjet Magazine, Let’s Go Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, The Guardian, CNN Traveller, and so on.

Sasha Arms
Sasha Arms is a London native who works as a writer and editor who has worked for several popular media and publications. She is also the co-editor of the Asian Story by MvHotels and has worked for Foodie Magazine London, Futurespace, Lonely Planet,, Urban Travel Blog, Four Magazine and several other platforms. Further, she has also worked as a weekly newspaper reporter for Honduras where she has covered several topics and interviewed high-ranking public personalities. In her spare time, Sasha focuses on her famous food blog, Hungry Nomad.

John Lonsdale
The deputy digital editor at Men’s Journal and Covers Travel--John Lonsdale is another top travel journalist in the list. He is known to cover a wide range of topics like health, fitness lifestyles, travel, style, helpful tips, and review in his articles. This travel enthusiast doesn’t like to stay put in the same location for a long time if you are following him you will find him probably hiking somewhere, camping or preparing for the next adventure. John focuses on outdoor adventure and inspires people to set out and seek more out of this world.

Ashley Rossi
Ashley Rossi is a popular travel journalist who is known for her exploration of the off beaten paths, hidden gems, and inner depths of the destinations than-what just meets the eyes. Her noteworthy articles have been featured in prestigious platforms like Business Insider, USA Today, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Jetsetter, and so on. Ashley presents very informative and detailed information about the destination she visits on her articles; her consistent content, sound tips, and her amazing photography skills are the major highlights of her blogs. If you haven’t followed her yet, follow her content in her blog ‘SmarterTravel’ where she has been posting informative content on her traveling experience since 2015.

Natalie Paris
The travel journalist and editor for The Telegraph, Natalie Paris is one of the most influential travel content writers out there. The British travel writer’s articles are quite popular for motivating and inspiring her readers, securing her position as one of the best travel journalists. Natalie, on her blogs, focuses on the travel guide for fun family vacations, not to miss features of the destinations and events as well as helpful advice to make the adventure a smooth trip. Her creative writing style, rich, and descriptive contents, visually appealing photography skills make her blog joyful treats.

Sara Wheeler
Sara Wheeler is an English Travel Author and biographer. She was brought up in England. She was accepted as the first female writer in -residence at the South Pole when she wrote her travels on the Greek Island of Euboea and in Chile. Even, she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1999 as trustee of the London Library. She was mostly aboard for two years to write her book ‘The Magnetic North: Travels in the Arctic. Sara, a journalist at the Daily Telegraph in the UK” has traveled to Russia, Alaska, Greenland, Canada, and North Norway to seek adventures.

Doreen Pendgracs
The Canadian based travel journalist, Doreen Pengracs has an extensive writing history and has covered stories from all around the world that are entertaining as well as inspiring. Besides, being a travel enthusiast and journalist, she also plays the role of mentoring and public speaking. Doreen has featured a long line of diverse articles on her blogs, also, including few books to her name. Not only that, but her travel writings have also been featured in tons of world-class outlets and media. In her journey as travelers, she has covered destinations like North America, Europe, and other corners of the world; highlighting the specialty about the destination, some helpful advice, and motivations to her readers to set them out on their adventures.

Kristin Luna
Kristin Luna is a blogger and a professional writer who has dedicated her entire career evenly between travel journalism as well as celebrity journalism. She has been working and studying in the journalism sector for most of her life; her adventures have taken her all over the world from North America to Europe, Australia, and many more. The travel enthusiast doesn’t keep her travel experiences to herself; she shares the fun adventures she has on her blog Camels & Chocolate where her readers can get updates on her explorations. She has also bagged a couple of blog awards for her descriptive, helpful, and visually appealing blogs.