Tourism is the pleasure of leisure and a relaxing escape for everyone. It is a luxurious concept, and people don’t want to spend their money worrying about something. At the moment, no one will be willing to travel, thinking of the airborne and fearing to get infected and wearing a mask on face and relaxation? Oh! Bad idea. I’m not willing to do so.

Travel Destinations

From Everest, the top of the world to the beaches of Goa has restricted since the breakout of COVID-19. Most of the attractions are closed down, and some are limited. The cancellation of significant events and activities are canceled or postponed. Players are playing leagues with a limited number of audience.People are  entertaining only through virtual way without going to the stadium. The transportation and events are in operation in limited following the best safety measures of social distancing and sanitation.

Some are eagerly waiting for the borders to open for traveling and taking care of the various factors such as hygiene or social distancing measures of the concerned ones. Only a few have started moving within a region. The rest are still staying home.

Business and Employment

The travel industry is pretty down. Everyone depends on their savings, past earnings, government loans, and a lot of hope. People in the travel and tourism business are wretched, with 60% of jobs lost. Matters are getting a little better with the invention of the COVID 19 vaccine and tests going on. The hope has raised with it and wondering when the traveling of peoples will come on its way and keep the businesses adrift.

Travel season will start sooner or later, but we can imagine there are a lot fewer people. People will start traveling soon. Local travel will grow, travelers will keep their international travel on the bucket list and go out with domestic travel for some time. Tourists are visiting the local places to think up for the missing international ones. It’s not a bad idea. We would promote our regional destination.

The travel & hospitality industry was the leading industry and a universal popular industry. The market was growing broad. Launching many hotels, tour companies, and many other elements in the industry were going rapidly. With the fall in the sector due to Corona, had raised the unemployment issues. The job loss of a hundred million people is already a serious matter in the market. Over tourism without considering the carrying capacity was a huge problem. Destinations grew in numbers. The production was going higher, overlooking the environmental impact.

As I see, we owed to reorganize to the world.

Traveling and exploring the world is phenomenal. Nevertheless, we need to do so many of us need to do it more responsibly and sustainably. Many destinations will be changing their policies and be prepared to ascertain more safe and sustainable numbers of visitors in the future. The world has already started its venture to come back with an endurable way.

The non-profit group “We Are Here Venice,” has been working for sustainable tourism for the city by launching different campaigns. Venice will be reflecting the Venetian culture and the fantastic lifestyle to offer the more incredible Venice to the future and make them enjoy it.

All the world must work together more sustainably in the travel and hospitality sector. It may not be so easy to travel in the forthcoming time as before. We need to make more effort to come back with the travel and tourism industry. Furthermore, we should promote tourism more viably. The tourism industry should think broadly and viable. Nepal is more than Kathmandu and Everest. Indonesia is not just Bali; it has thousands of other   beautiful islands too.

There is a downfall at the moment in the travel industry. Soon, when the pandemic issue is all over, people will start traveling. There will again be budget traveling focusing on saving money on the road rather than airlines and trains. Some destinations in the earth overfilled, whereas other beautiful destinations are underrated.

Such places must reduce the number of visitors considering its carrying capacity to save from degrading its originality and beauty. Frankly, we must preserve the dignity of Everest and the natural secret of Galapagos and many more others. It’s better even if those places become less accessible rather than destroying its incredibility forever. There are still abundant beautiful places in the world that are accessible and on budget.

A sustainable issue is always a problem. The destinations are off with the visitors, and the travel companies are staying in hope. It will take much time to be back on track in the tourism industry. The future in the travel and tourism industry looks dimmer now. The majority of travel companies will be off the business. Many smaller ones may merge to survive.

Travel Companies

The travel bookings are down. Most of the nations are opening changing the modality of lockdown, ensuring safe precaution. About a half year of lockdown, airlines are bearing loss, travel companies are shutting down, and have dismissed the number of employees throughout the world.

People are researchers, keep on searching for travel, and only begin to plan before actual booking. People aren’t searching much for travel now; they are unlikely to take a trip in the next few months.

Air Travel and Its Risks

The aviation industry is the most affected by the ongoing global pandemic. People have their assumptions, lots of hypotheses about the uncertainty about the future of air travel. How will things change?

Air travel is slowly resuming. Airlines have been suffering—strict hygiene and measures are mandatory, which brings challenges in the revenue generation as the reputation of the airlines. Many travel experts and scholars have already visualized that global travel will take a long time to recover or may not even fully recover. People are more likely to travel within their own countries in the future.

The situation will get better, and travel will soon start recovering. The journey will differ; people will choose region travel over international travel. Local travel will be accessible. Moreover, many factors will consider the trip. Social distancing is viable for carriers.There will be complications in traveling in the high-risk locations of the virus. So, going to such a zone will have to stay in quarantine after they return.

Recovery is uneven

The pandemic of Coronavirus is a global problem. Some countries got through it early, whereas some are still bearing the hazards. The strictness and timing of lockdown measures, the quality of healthcare systems, the weather, the topography, and other factors affect the situation. Some countries and regions had already recovered; others are on the way of recovery. But sooner or later, every country will go through it.

The recovery will be uneven, and it’s challenging to predict. For example, Italy was once ahead of other European countries to have the corona infection and deaths as it didn’t order the lockdown in time at an initial time. Now, Italy is recovering, and the world is still on the way.

We should work together and resolve the pandemic situation. Stoping and waiting for the things go better is not the solution. On the other hand, carelessness and not following the basic rules of safety is not wise either.

WE MUST TRY TO STAY SAFE AND LET OTHER BE SAFE FROM THE VIRUS AS POSSIBLE. There are so many precautions and measures that everyone knows. We hope and pray the things will recover soon, and we will start traveling freely again.

Yeah, people all want to travel. Not now, but anytime soon.