It’s already more than six months of the outbreak of COVID-19. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the circumstances worldwide. The COVID-19 is a massive hit on the travel and tourism industry. The effect is going to last long.

Stay Safe!

Over more than half year, many countries are  now easing lockdowns modality and opening borders. The travel & tourism industry is wretched by the pandemic. It has downfall as there was no movement of people for more than half a year. People make travel happen. Without people, travel doesn’t exist.The travel & tourism industry will take more time to recover after people come out of their homes and start traveling into the world again.

Things have changed and still changing since the outbreak of COVID-19. The destinations and travel issues will vary to some extent, once the world starts traveling again.The official guidelines for air travel started as the result of COVID-19 breakout. The way of travel will change.

I have concluded some emerging trends in travel after COVID-19. Few of them are:

1. Require a COVID-19 test as a health regulation

COVID-19 test 

Every country will now require a COVID-19  check at the border or some evidence of a recent negative COVID test to enter. It is a safety precaution for avoiding the spread of the virus again.

2. Quality will be an advertised feature

Most of us don’t have any idea about the different elements of the services that we use in the flights. For example, the grade filtration of water and air filters in different airlines. Yes, most of us don’t know.

Every company has their strategy and policy. Now, travel and airline companies will boast their cleansing policies more as a way to attract customers.

It is sure that soon the airlines will be promoting their quality features boasting about their filtration systems. The travelers will consider air quality. Many airlines have already started emailing customers about their current policies. People will be more aware of the safety onboard. So, they will soon advertise travel quality.

3. Less occupancy

The hostels, hotels, airlines, or buses must operate with less capacity. It is a tough time for everyone. The travel and tour companies are upholding in the market with extremely few tourists. The crowd of people may risk the present situation.

4. The queue will be longer than ever before

The world has already gone through the outbreak of COVID-19. The new infections in the pandemic time are possible coming from outside. Health check-up at the airport is making the immigration slow more probably.

Now, the lockdown is over in most countries. We have started to travel again. However, nations will take the test. Immigration and terminal waiting are always long and distressing. Nevertheless, the queue is going to line up long, taking the test and waiting for the results. Oh god!

Think! Staying free from infection is more worth than waiting long.

5.Early Arrival time

It is good to arrive hours earlier for the flights. All countries have restricted the entry from the most infected areas since the outbreak of the virus. Still, after the six months, the nations have been taking necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the infection. The persons entering the borders must stay in isolation for at least two weeks, even if they test negative for COVID-19.

6. You’ll need more than a passport

The century has gone through this pandemic. The required documents are going to be musts, such as passport, visa, and health requirements. After that, traveling the other countries will now also need the testing of the COVID 19. It is evident if you’re coming from an outbreak zone. We will require a certificate of immunity to ensure that we’ve recovered from an infection. Now, the vaccination of the coronavirus has been tested and given. In the coming days, the vaccinated certificate will be mandatory.

Undoubtedly, people will determine their short-term travel by purpose and necessity. The big companies should maintain their business travel sustainably and economically. Countries will possibly only open their borders when it’s safe to let travelers through, and it’s good for the country. For ensuring healthy and safe travel, it will be wise to have temporary visas and strict documentation regulations while traveling.

7. Travel will be different and expensive

Every government had been through the lockdown. Thus far, many have changed their modality of loosening lockdown and already started a healthy life. Due to this, the situation has created demands on healthcare systems from the government level to the local standards. Days are moving towards normal. The short-distance travel will soon start and soon will the long haul. The occupancy of airlines and other transportation will less as the seats will be limited, considering the social distancing and taking the precaution to avoid the infection. So will the same case in accommodations like hotels and other services. No one wants the airborne back. We can foresee the dramatic increases in pricing soon the travel resumes, and it has already started.

8. We’ll pack differently

Henceforth, the travelers will pack their backpack more wisely with necessary kinds of stuff. The COVID-19 virus brought direction to wash our hands time and again, and the only way to do that during the travel is with hand sanitizer.

Mask , sanitizer and gloves as necessary kits

Our bag will also have a hand sanitizer. Along with hand sanitizer travel packs, we can easily predict that most people will travel with masks and gloves. Likewise, travel baggage companies make fashionable travel baggage. Mask and sanitizers will be the travel trend. I hope we will see the travel influencers making vlogs with the mask.

9. More aware of travel insurance

While booking our flight, we generally consider few things which we think are necessary, such as details, cost, and some essential services. Most of us skip extra baggage and even seat selection. One skip is the flight insurance box. Now, people will be ticking the insurance box. The insurance has its terms and conditions. So, it may not cover you for many things, including the outbreak of a pandemic. Hereafter, the airlines and insurance companies may come with new policies.

Now, travelers will read the conditions correctly and tick the travel insurance box. Travelers may be more aware of the travel insurance.

11. Having minor cough and sneeze in public  travel may not unacceptable

“Health is wealth.”-It’s true. The pandemic made this line more worthy. Even after the COVID-19 goes away, the people won’t love to travel if he is suffering from cold, and people will not like it if he does. The current situation and the infected persons are adopting social distancing. Traveling with cold or any symptoms may not be socially unacceptable. If you have a normal cough or sneeze at the airport or plane, people are going to give a harsh look as if you are the virus contributor. Such social dishonors may be resulting in the possibility of more no-shows in the coming days. You better take care of your health and make your immune system healthy. Minor cough and sneeze may cost high.

12. People will travel less often crowded public areas

The Corona time made us feel that enjoying the crowded public areas such as pools or dipping our feet in the sea or many others is not a good idea. For some time, people will feel unsafe to travel in public areas. They are not willing to visit crowded regions. So, take care of it.

13. People will avoid long travel and turn to the local destination

From this pandemic, people will ignore a long journey as possible until it is essential. Travelers will turn to the local destination more than before. People will take time to feel safe traveling internationally, and they won’t take so much risk. Yes, local/domestic travel will be significant over the next few months as people forgo international/cross-border travel for trips within their own country.

14.Carry our stuff

Everyone must carry their things while traveling. It is more likely to use your toothbrush, towel, etc. in the hotel.

15. Avoid long distance destination weddings

People will take a long time to feel safe traveling again. It is much probable; people will avoid long travel for destination weddings.

16. Turn to road trips

People would prefer road trips and most likely avoid buses, trains and flights as much as possible. Road trips are safe, healthy, and economical.

17. Surgical face masks are obligatory

Surgical Mask is Obligatory

As a result of COVID 19, wearing a surgical face mask is obligatory. We will travel with face masks on and must go through thermal screening at every possible checkpoint.

18.Prefer the good sanitization

Usually, people go on out the places during the visit. Henceforth, travelers will prefer hotels economically and choose the one with proper sanitization. The cleanliness and safety of hotels and hostels is the fundamental element, and people will take consideration.

19.Confirm web check-in

We’ll no longer wait for physical checked-in at airport counters. It is a safe idea to do a web check-in before entering the airport. Physical checked-in is still a risk as the coronavirus is not gone. A baggage tag may also be available online.

20.Social Distancing

Social distancing is viable for carriers. The travelers should be maintaining social distancing at all places, follow markers and signs.

Maintain Social Distancing 

21. Technology is going to have a significant role in the recovery of the aviation industry

The anxiety of CORONAVIRUS is quite normal worldwide. “Stay safe at home” is the international brand now. There is a possible risk of leaving your home and getting infected by the virus. Things are natural, and everything gets normal. This way, air travel will resume, and passengers and personnel will be concerned about hygiene and sanitation. Technological advancements will help us a lot in the aviation industry.

The advanced temperature screening, facial recognition thermal screening, sanitation, and more advanced air-filtration and water filter systems will comfort and lessen our worries. Moreover, we hope we will be using electronic passports and IDS and boarding passes, which reduces physical contact between the surfaces and people.

Touchless technologies in the aviation industry must be integrated into the future to avoid the spread of the virus.

22. Business Travels will change to Online Meeting

Virtual Business Meetings

The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught that business travel must ensure employee safety and encourage only essential business travel avoiding unnecessary ones. Emphasis on long trips than repeated trips will be a sustainable choice of business travel. MICE tourism (Meetings, seminars, conferences, and events) will experiment with the virtual background. No doubt, the business travel get down for a while as most people had realized that luxurious airplanes and hotel halls are not so necessary to have a meeting or event. It is the world of “Zoom and Skype.” It may be economical and wise at the moment.

23.Restrictions for vulnerable persons

Vulnerable persons such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, passengers with illness are to avoid air travel. Passengers residing and traveling in any affected zone are not allowed. The passenger who has been tested positive for COVID-19 is not permitted to travel. They must stay in quarantine. The passenger allowed to fly takes the journey; the person may even be responsible for the penalty.

24. The quarantine will be a general thing

Quarantine is the common thing at present. It is quite a good idea to stay at quarantine if appropriately managed to ensure your health condition. Even traveling within a region has mandatory rules. We can’t go off it. Traveling outside the border is not imaginable right now. People will better choose not to move for some time rather than bringing the CORONA to your home. People are stuck in different parts of the world beyond their homes. They are still unable to get back home. Many repatriation flights have rescued many people worldwide, but again, so many people are stranded behind with many issues.

24. Short and Travelling in Small Group

Crowd area has full risk to the infection of COVID-19. Social-distancing is the best precaution since the breakout of Coronavirus. People are sure to start travelling soon but will prefer to do short travel rather than long travel for some time.It will be best to travel in small group.Mass tourism is not a good idea until the things gets safer.

Traveling is the phenomenon and human nature. It keeps on evolving with different circumstances. The COVID-19 is about to bring the new traveling trends in the industry which is undeniable. In my opinion, we owe to emerging travel trends. Travel will never be the same again.