Cobra Pose is a reclining back bending yoga pose which is done by lying in stomach and raising one's upper body and curving it backwards with the support of hands. It's Sanskrit name is Bhujangasana, composed of two words "Bhujanga" which means serpent and "asana" which means position. This pose resembles a serpent raising its hood so it is called Cobra Pose.

Preparatory Poses to do Cobra Pose

Sphinx Pose

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By stretching the chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen and strengthening the spine.

Contraindications: Back and shoulders injury

Mermaid Pose

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By opening the shoulders and chest.


  1. Use blanket as a support to your hips and thighs
  2. Try beginner variations of mermaid pose.

Contraindications: Injury of shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, depression, pregnant women and acute asthma.

Cat Cow Pose

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By stretching shoulders, spine, back, chest and neck.

Contraindications: Injury at shoulders and knees and weak wrists.

King Pigeon II

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By opening up the chest, back and shoulders.


  1. Place blanket under the knee for support
  2. You can use strap to reach the leg.
  3. You can decrease the distance between foot and hip to decrease stretch in hips.

Contraindications: Injury of hips, knee, back or shoulders.

Puppy Pose

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By stretching spine, shoulders, upper back and arms.


  1. Place blankets below the knee and chest for support.
  2. You can also place blankets below the chin if you feel discomfort on your neck.

Contraindications: Injury at knee, hip and lower back and pregnancy.

Camel Pose

How it helps to do Cobra Pose:

By stretching the spine and opening the chest and shoulders.


  1. If you cannot reach your foot, keep your hands on your sacrum.
  2. Press your thighs against the wall for support.
  3. Place blocks between your foot and touch the blocks instead of reaching your foot.
  4. Try chair variation of camel pose which is easy for beginner practitioners.

Contraindications: Blood pressure, neck and back injury, migraine and depression.

Steps to do Cobra Pose

Step 1: Start with sphinx pose

Step 2: Raise your hands  and upper body.

Step 3: Curve your back and push back as much as you can.

Step 4: Stay there and raise your legs as well.

Step 5: Touch your head with your legs.

Benefits of Cobra Pose

  1. Stretches shoulders, chest and abdomin
  2. Strengthens the arms, spine and shoulders
  3. Tones the butt
  4. Relieves stress
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Reduces belly fat
  7. Relieves anxiety
  8. Eases Asthma
  9. Treates back pain
  10. Prevents thyroid problems


  • Back pain
  • Neck injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe Asthma


  1. Use wall or place block under your stomach for support.
  2. You can also try sphinx pose as an alternative as  if you don't feel comfortable in this pose.