Be it with your friend’s family or special ones with our Holi special package which will help you treasure the fond memories of this special occasion. Holi is a festival of color that is celebrated to welcome the spring season after winter, so make it special to enjoy the colorful festival and spread love & happiness.

Welcome this spring in the most phenomenal way---with these hot deals.

Trisuli Rafting Package

The river tracing its origin back to Langtang Himal is one of the most popular destinations in Nepal to enjoy the rafting. The location is just at 3 to 3.5 hrs driving range from Kathmandu making it a favorable destination to travel back and forth easily.

Trisuli features small gorges from where you can even see the Mankamana hill and the cable car. The straightforward trip without challenging huge rapids will be a pleasurable journey filling you with the memories of beautiful scenery and a peaceful environment.

Even if the river doesn’t have quite challenging white water rapids, the cross-section journey, breathtaking gorges and getting close to nature will certainly add thrill to thrill to your water journey.

The price package of NPR 3000 per person will cover your two-way transportation facility buffet lunch followed by accommodation, dinner, and breakfast as well as all the rafting gears necessary for the water adventure.

In addition to that, to play Holi and make the day more colorful you will be provided with colors and pass to the music event which both will be covered by the package charge.

After the fun-filled delightful day, you will enjoy the campfire under the stars wrapping up this beautiful day.

Journey minutiae: On your designated day after reporting in at 6:00 am the tour will make its departure at sharp 6.:30 am. First, you will enjoy the rafting in Trisuli after the rafting guide briefing on basic rafting and safety measures. After the tiring venture on the water surface, you will be provided a lunch buffet and celebrate one of the biggest festivals of Hindu culture at the beachTrisuli.

Your fun for the colorful day doesn’t end just there----the Holi at the beach will be followed by an entertaining music/ dance party which will be included in the package--you will most likely wish that this amusing day will never end.

Bhotekoshi Rafting Package

If your thrill-seeking heart is not satisfied with the less challenging rapids at the Trisuli river, this package is suitable to take the thrills of rafting to the next level. It is located within 3 hours driving range from Kathmandu offering continuous white water rafting for up to 26 km.

You can enjoy the different available rafting courses that can cover up to class 3, 4 and 5 rapids fill your adventurist soul with excitements and electrifying the next level of rafting. But, to enjoy the higher class rapids you need to have prior experience in rafting

The name ‘Bhotekohsi’ implies the river’s origin from Bhot or Tibet. This river represents the harmony between Tibet and the beautiful Himalayas resulting in one miraculous piece of art from nature. The stunning views of Himalayas at the Dulhikhel stop, magnificent gorges with greenery topped high hills will certainly melt your heart away. Furthermore,  this river falls in the category of one of the best short white water rafting across the globe. The river itself is one of the steepest rivers in Nepal leading way to continuous rapids, a total action-thrill package to pump the adrenaline throughout your body.

Like the Trisuli package, on the special occasion of the festival of colors--Holi, you will receive similar facilities on the price package of NPR 3500 per person. The reporting time will be 6:00 am and the departure will be at 6:30 am. After reaching the destination you will be briefed for rafting and after the completion of water-adventure will be followed by buffet lunch and celebrating Holi----splashing colors and exchanging joys of festival welcoming the spring.

Other facilities like two-way transportation, rafting gears, accommodation including dinner and breakfast will be covered by the package expenditure.  Moreover, this package also includes colors to play Holi, music/dance events accompanied by the campfire, to sum-up the magnificent day.