General Summary of Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is a beautiful rural municipality in the Dolakha district of Province No-3 which lies in the north-eastern part of Nepal at the elevation of about 3842m. It is a popular destination and also regarded as a perfect hiking & shortest trekking destination of Nepal.

Due to the easily accessible via road transport, it has been one of the most visited tourist places for domestic travelers every year. Kalinchowk is also famous for short hiking.

Brief History :

Since ancient times, the temple is situated on the top of the perilous hill. Kalinchowk is named after the goddess Kali which is related to power and destruction. It is believed that in Dwapar Yuga,Pandavas came here for meditation.

According to the myth, it is believed that Goddess Kali used to meditate in the top-hill of Kalinchowk, on Sumeru Parvat. During the mediation, the evil power tried to win over Kali. After this, the war took place between goddess Kali and evils. During the war, Lord Shiva used his divine Trishul (metal weapon) and the holy water originated from the dry land which gave the power the lion of Goddess Kali. The evils could not stay-on in the powerful Goddess Kali and were killed by her during the war.

All the evils were killed and their bodies were decayed to the place of Kuri and the village was found stinky and so, from the word Kuri the place is known to be a Kuri village which means 'shame shame'.

The  “water-pond” in the top of Kalinchowk,  it is believed to be holy and pure after showering and taking the water from the Kunda. From the religious treatises of Durga Puran, it was said that this is the place where the goddess Devi's right arm was downfall. In this Kalinchowk Bhagwati pilgrims, they offer bells, Trishul, flowers, agarbatti (incense sticks) ghee, and bangles, and chunari. Devotees come to this temple to take  the holy water.which is given by adore of this temple.People has great belief  that their wishes, come true or get fulfill after worshiping the goddess Devi with pure soul.

About Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk Bhagwati is one of the most popular Hindu shrines, which is situated in Charikot Head Quarter of Dolakha at the altitude of 3,842 meters from the sea level. Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is also a part of the Gaurishankar Conservation area. From this place,SunKoshi and TamaKoshi flow which originate from Mahabharat Range.

Most people visit Kalinchowk due to its religious and pilgrimage significance. Kuri Village is the beautiful valley which is the basement of Kalinchowk temple and lies right below the Kalinchowk hill. Kuri village is famous for its beautiful landscapes which looks so beautiful during the snowfall in winter season and colorful during the spring season.

On the way to Kalinchowk hill, the hiking trails looks like a garden with the green trees and colorful rhododendron trees during spring season. Kalinchowk is the perfect destination for people who want to experience short hiking , enjoy snowfall during winter. From high altitude, sightseeing of the majestic mountains can be done with less effort.

People visit Kalinchowk throughout the year but during the snowfall and spring season, the number of people visiting Kalinchowk is about twice or thrice more than the other seasons. During the clear weather, the panoramic view of row-landing Himalaya range of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lang tang, Mt. Jugal, Sumeru Parvat, Gaurishankar, Mt Ganesh and Pathivara Himal lures the heart of any traveler. During winter and spring season,these Himalayas  shine like silver on a clear day.

During the winter season(December to February) , it is the perfect time to visit and hike playing with the snow throughout the way to Kalinchowk. The hiking to the top of the Kalinchowk hill can get thriller and mind blowing experience when travel.

Due to heavy snowfall in Kuri village, between 3 to 5ft. the roof of the house is generally in  a triangular shape so that the snow can get easily fall from the top. Due to these attracting view of Kuri Valley, it is found that few people comparing Kalinchowk  as a piece of Switzerland.

The Kalinchowk Bhagwati shrine looks wonderful during the winter season covered with the snow around. More pilgrims visit the temple on Tuesday and Saturday compared to other days in the week. During Dashain and Janai Purnima(the full moon), people come here to tie the holy thread in its premise.

How to reach Kalinchowk?

Kalinchowk is an easily accessible destination via road transport from the capital city, Kathmandu. By public or private vehicles, it takes about 4 hours to drive through north-east of Araniko Highway which is about 150 kilometers from Tribhuvan International Airport.

An alternative way to reach Charikot is from Khurkot to Manthali. One can even get a public bus from Ratnapark, Kathmandu. From Charikot bazar it is only about 18 kilometers off-road. You can take about 3 hrs hiking to reach Kuri village, the base of Kalinchowk via Deurali and Gaire. To reach the top of the Kalinchowk hill, where the Kalinchowk Bhagwati resides, it will take about 1 or 2 hours hike from the Kuri Village or a few minutes by cable-car.

Attractions of Kalinchowk:

Kalinchowk is also one of the best places for an adventurous sport such as skiing during the winter season after the snowfall. Short hiking of about 1-2 hours from Kuri village to the Kalinchowk temples is the heavenly experience. This place has an awesome view and experience of the snowy valley during the winter season and enjoy the snowfall.

  1. Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple.
  2. Cable car
  3. Magnificent landscape of Kuri village.
  4. Skiing During winter season with snow.
  5. Sightseeing of row-landing Himalaya range.
  6. Tremendous panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt Langtang, Mt Jugal, Sumeru Parvat, Gaurishankar, Mt Ganesh and Pathivara.
  7. Smell and feel the pretty flower of Rhododendron.

Trip to Kalinchowk has been so popular these days due to its beautiful landscapes. Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine, Kuri Village, the beautiful landscapes and beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains are the perfect attractions of Kalinchowk.

Travel Itinerary to the Kalinchowk

  1. By Bus/Jeep

Day 1: Approximately 5 hours drive from Kathmandu to Charikot.

Starting the journey from the Araniko highway by crossing the Bhaktapur, Banepa, Dolalghat, Mude, Kharidhunga, and Charikot, from the Charikot bazar we have to reach to Deurali it is about 3 kilometer from there we go 13  km off-road, which takes 1 to 1 hours 30 minutes to reach to Gaire by vehicles.

From there we go 5 km the road is full of snow during the winter season. So we hire chain wheel vehicles so that it runs smoothly on the way never get stuck to reach on the base of Kalinchowk Village. The beautiful village "Kuri" is situated there, which is one of the best places to stay and this is a place where we can enjoy snowfall which falls up to 3 to 5 ft between December to February month. Besides the winter season, the vehicle will take you up to the Kuri village which is off-road.

This valley provides hotels, lodges, room. They welcome the guest with the welcome Tea. They provides the service of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then evening there will be a campfire, D.J, music, and barbecue on demand (Barweiler ). We can stay there for the whole night enjoying the music and dance.

Day 2. Kalinchowk Bhagwati Darshan, and return back to Kathmandu.

Wake up early in the morning, move to the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple which is  about one and a half hours by hiking or by cable car.  It takes 3 to 5 minutes to reach the temple, which is at the height of 842 meters from the Kuri village. We can see the stunning panoramic view of the row-landing Himalayas including Mt. Everest, on a clear, shiny day. After returning back to the temple,we reach the Hotel and have lunch, then we will head back towards  Kathmandu.

Best Hikes in Kalinchowk :

Kalinchowk is one of the perfect destinations for those who want to trek in an easy way with less effort through a short period of time. This trek can be done within 3 days. It is a village development committee VDC of the Dolakha District in the Janakpur zone. It receives more than thousand of Pilgrimage and trekkers in a year.

Kalinchowk trek is a combination of both natural and cultural attractions. We can have an awesome view of the Himalaya range. While passing from Kathmandu to Charikot we can see the tremendous view of rivers, streams, hills, mountains, on the way getting refresh and enjoy at Khari Dhunga, approaching Charikot.

It is about  5 to 6 hours hike to Kuri Valley, by enjoying a beautiful green forest, stumbling a number of wild Flora and Fauna. The awesome beauty of our national flower Rhododendron. Kalinchowk trek gives the best chance to odor the various kind of Rhododendron like sun pate and tree Rhododendron all over the Trek to Kalinchowk.

Accommodation Options :

People who come to visit Kalinchowk by taking two days package, they will stay on the base of Kalinchowk in Kuri village, where we found resort, lodges, hotels with the range from basic classic moderate to luxurious,  the roof of the house designs in a European style where evergreen snowfall occurs.

Kuri village hotel, lodges, resort give a comfort facility to sleep in.In winter season although the heavy snowfall, the room is warm as the wall is covered with wood. The well-known hotel lodges and resort located in Kuri valley are:

  • Sangam Hotel and Lodge
  • Danphe Hotel and Lodge
  • Ganga Hotel and Lodge
  • Kalinchowk Country Villa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Diki Hotel Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gauri Shankar Hotel
  • Shri Laxmi Eatery and Lodge
  • Tripura resort.

Safety Tips for your Trip :

Trip for Kalinchowk is also one of the short period treks, so when we hike on the way we have to follow the options like other trekkers they follow when climbing at a high altitude.

  1. We have to wear good grip shoes, trekking sticks, and a fully waterproof jacket in the winter season.
  2. To protect your eyes from sunlight, always wear sunglasses.
  3. Avoid the habit of drinking alcohol it may cause Dehydration because of altitude sickness.
  4. Personal hygiene is necessary in order not to be sick.
  5. Always take purifying water, carry a first aid kit.
  6. When hiking above high altitude don't try to ascend too fast.

Necessary stuffs for the trip

  • Sunglasses and glasses case
  • Socks (wool or trekking socks)
  • Warm clothing such as Down Jacket in winter season.
  • Down Jackets and wind-cheater if possible.
  • Trekking or snow shoes if possible.
  • Medication for altitude sickness such as Garlic, Timur, Ginger.
  • A thermos if possible for hot water and high calorie foods and snacks.

During seasons other than winter, we can normally hike with the comfortable outfits.

Medical Facilities in Kuri

Tsho-Rolpa Hospital
Charikot - Lamabagar Rd, Bhimeshwor Municipality

Gaurishankar Hospital
Charikot - Lamabagar Rd, Bhimeshwor Municipality

District Primary Health Service
Charikot - Lamabagar Rd, Bhimeshwor Municipality