LOL! Penny for your thoughts literally! Have a cup of tea before you proceed.

I started blogging on Medium recently, its been around a week so I don’t have enough followers. Also, I don’t have lots of paid members viewing my stories. So it is very hard to tell if I am right or wrong. But something magical happened in one of my blogs, it gets quite a lot of viewers in 2 days. I am talking about the following blog,

All of the reported earning, views count and member reading times for these blogs are for Dec only.

SSL Certificates using Google Managed Certificate on GKE
challenges we were facing initially when we started implementing solutions is how to issue an SSL certificate for the…

The stats for this blog looks like this, I have around 4.7k views and member reading time is 1hr 45min, but the reported earning is $0.13.

I also wrote another blog on Kubernetes, link below

Kubernetes !!! How it Works.
Kubernetes short form k8s is an open-source tool that was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the…

And stats for this blog look like this, 559 views and member reading time is just 16min 3 sec, but the reported earning is $0.14.

This blow my mind, the first blog has 1hr 45min member read time, but it is generating just $0.13 !!! while second has 16min 3 sec, but the reported earning is $0.14.
To me, it seems like something buggy going on in earnings calculation features. I know there are so many factors to consider so I may be wrong but based on earning I made recently doesn’t make any sense at all.
By the way anyone who doesn’t know how medium calculates earnings I am linking official blog here. It doesn’t have any algorithm to calculate exact earnings, but we can guesstimate what it might look like.

Calculating earnings in the Partner Program
The Medium Partner Program allows writers to earn money for the content they publish on Medium based on engagement from…

I even reported this problem, slightly different scenarios when I was reporting, there were no earnings reported before. But at that time my tax documents weren’t uploaded in the system, so I guess they freeze my account temporarily. I haven’t received any response so far for that email, so hopefully, they will respond soon and I will have an answer

I wonder if you are seeing a similar problem, let me know your thought on this on the comment box.