With the growth of scope in the blogging sector, it has opened up doors for the passionate writers who had abolished their dreams to stick in a consistent 9-5 schedule. Over the years, we have also heard a significant number of stories of the

best bloggers out there who quit everything to embrace blogging as their full-time profession. So, refining all the potential bloggers and their amazing works, we have come up with a list of 25 marvelous blogs and their author that you should be unquestionably following in 2020.

1. Say Yes

Founded by Liz Stanley, this blog is an award-winning lifestyle blog related to featuring practical tips for home, travel, crafts, and style. Liz debuted in her blogging adventure in 2006 with the Hoboken site, which eventually became the Say Yes blog over the time. This site is one of the leading women’s lifestyle paradises on the internet, which has bagged a lot of awards quite regularly for covering such diverse topics. Popular media like HGTV, Sunset Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Parents Magazine, Pregnancy, and Newborn, Real Simple Magazine, and a lot more have featured the contents of this fascinating blog.

2. TheBlondeSalad

One of the top contenders for lifestyle and fashion blog, covers incredible fashion, lifestyle, and beauty articles. The Italian fashion blogger, as well as entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, is the creator of the blog. She is a former law student and changed her lifestyle blogging passion into a multi-million dollar online business. You can follow the contents in the blog to improve your lifestyle and hack fashion & beauty skills’, also; you can buy various kinds of fashion accessories, clothing, and shoes from her website. On top of that, top fashion magazines and outlets like The Guardian, Forbes, and many more featured it.

3. CookinwithMima

The site about cooking guides, tips, and hacks was created by the mother of two sons, Mariam Ezzeddine, who just wanted to convey the message that everyone can cook. Mariam shares her passion for cooking with her readers in simple ways so that everyone can follow through and won’t give up, considering it a hard task. Find simple recipes of delicious dishes that you can quite effortlessly prepare for your friends, family, or to someone special on a momentous occasion. Mariam is also pretty interactive on her Instagram, where she has more than 2.2 million followers; she posts about dishes she prepares regularly and loves interacting with readers who cook with her experimenting new flavor and recipes. Follow her on Instagram: cookinwithmima.

4. Goop

Featured in world-renowned media like Vogue, The New York Times, Fats Company, and several others, this blog site is another top lifestyle blog. This blog was launched by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008 with the intent of sharing incredible advice covering topics like beauty & style, food, and lifestyle. Goop started its journey as a weekly newsletter, but, with the enormous presence it gained, eventually, it was turned into one of the top destinations for lifestyle admirers. Besides enjoying the lifestyle blogs and guidance for delicious dishes, you can also shop online .You will find a lot of accessories, branded clothes, shoes, and beauty products on the site.

5. TheSkinnyConfidential

Created by author and Youtuber Lauryn, the ‘theSkinnyconfidential’ shares the fascinating contents revolving around the realness, tasty recipes, and lifestyle topics. Popular publications like Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The Huffington Post, SHAPE, and several others have featured The work of this talented blogger. If you want to learn easy and quick recipes, tips in the fitness sector, and beauty hacks to upgrade your fashion game, then this is absolutely a not-to-miss blog site that has got everything.

6. Design * Sponge

If you frequently like experimenting on the interiors of your home or trying new looks, this fun-filled interior and DIY Design blog are one that you should be following. Design*Sponge was created by Grace Bonney in 2004 and has grown into one of the top blog sites which have over 2 million readers monthly. Besides designs, this site is quite famous for its content covering traditions from the creative community to art and culture. This site was created to make it one of the top arts and design sites worldwide; so, you will find some of the real gems in the blog that simply outshines other skills and craft blogs on the internet.

7. Akanksha Redhu

Founded by the Indian blogger Akanksha, this blog is a great resource to get fashion, lifestyle advice, travel, and media content with the advantages of expert Yoga guidance. Akanksha has also been featured in the top fashion outlets like Vogue, Jabong, and many more, including the Indian publication ‘Cosmopolitan India.’ The unique thing about this blog site is that unlike other websites that only present articles with brief research, the author herself practices what she peaches. Her top-notch lifestyle blogs are loved and adored by millions of people across the globe, so make sure to check her insightful and helpful content.

8. BlissfulGal

The BlissfulGal covers a variant set of writing from topics related to fashion, lifestyle, health, and blogging. The author of this site, Amanda, is a biochemical engineer who chose the woman lifestyle blogging sector over her engineering profession. She has dedicated years of life in this lifestyle blog and also aims to inspire her readers to be a better version of own In this fantastic blog site, you will find a lot of exciting topics related to lifestyles, self-improvement, leveling up your fashion game, and potent beauty hacks, so don’t hold yourself to learn new things from this helpful site.

9. Fit Men Cook

The blog created by Kevin Curry in 2012 is dedicated to providing healthy diet plans and recipes for the people struggling with weight loss. Kevin, who himself had to fight with his weight loss plan and planned a steady, healthy diet to make his workout in the gym effective. Therefore, he launched the blog FitMenCook to share his meals online and create a community around healthy food plans to keep himself motivated. Kevin considers that our bodies are built in the kitchen but sculpted in the gym; although hard work is crucial in the end, it all comes down to diet, so, follow him for a healthy diet plan that you can employ considering your built. Furthermore, his recipes are simply based on building new healthy habits that you can easily keep up.

10. WitAndDelight

The site run by top lifestyle and fashion experts also offers some of the best advice and content on the internet. This blog is widely known for the ranges of subject matter it covers from interior designs and lifestyles to parenthood. WitAndDelight was founded by Kate Arends back in 2008 to share her personal experience and provide helpful tips, as of now, it has turned into a hotspot for lifestyle enthusiasts. So. If you are looking to take your lifestyle and personal style to the next level, you will find the tips and advice given by experts in the field to be quite informative.

11. Kayla Itsines

Kayla is another top contender in health and fitness blogs; she has also been recognized as one of ‘The 30 Most Influential People on The Internet’ by Time Magazine. Her blog kaylaitsines are dedicated to training, guiding, educating, and providing healthy recipes to her readers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The main agenda of her programs is to help all the women out there to achieve a perfect level of fitness so they can live a happy life feeling confident about themselves. In addition to that, she is also the co-founder of The Bikini Body Training company and has created training programs like Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and BBG Stronger.

12. GetBusyLivingBlog

Created by Benny Hsu, an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger takes the blogging platforms to the next level. GetBusyLivingBlog just doesn’t give you proper advice and tips on lifestyle and health. Still, this blog site is also known to provide the entrepreneurship mindset fueled with motivation to start making money. It also does cover the lifestyle nicely, like covering lifestyle tips, food & diet, dating, and so on. Thus, you can use this site to learn new things and life hacks with the advantage of guidance to start making money.

13. Primer Magazine

This blog shares content for men who are looking to upgrade their life as well as clothing styles. Created by Andrew Snavely, this blog is dedicated to digging deeper into the issues that guys face in their 20s like personal wellness and career. Andrew worked inHollywood advertising agency for over six years before finally giving full time to grow his blog Prime Magazine. You could follow this fantastic blog, which provides helpful guides and tips to deal with the different circumstances in life and with some awesome fashion hacks that are quite impressive.

14. TheSundayChapter

Are you are looking for articles from the fashion sector to travel, lifestyle, and beauty hacks?Then, you shouldn’t miss out on this blog site. Created by an Australian blogger Angela in 2014, the ‘TheSundayChapter’ is an excellent hub for collecting ideas on diverse topics. She started this blog to express how she felt and for all the audience across the globe to live a stylish and adventurous life. As of now, the site has turned into a popular destination to learn more about fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Further, you can purchase various accessories, beauty products, and fashion wears on the website.

15. Shut up and go

The blog created by the famous YouTuber, Damon Dominique, and Joanna Franco covers the travel destination the duo have traveled together and separately. Shut up and go was created to motivate people to explore the world.It says we are left with just memories,at the end of the day. The site also features moving, inspirational and hilarious stories told by people and some of the exotic hidden gems around the globe. The duo believes that people’s spirit is entirely free and should live their life as they have always dreamt of, the only person holding people to live their dream life is themselves. So, make sure to check out some of the best-interesting blogs you will find out there, and maybe they will light the passion inside you to chase your dreams.

16. ThirteenThoughts

This blog was created by Paula, a women lifestyle author, and fashion enthusiast. She started the blog to share her thoughts and ideas related to lifestyle and fashion, which successfully garnished a massive number of readers. She also shares her love for her favorite make-up as well as skincare products on her blog. In the ThirteenThoughts, you can also find helpful content like blogging tips, self-love, happiness, and personal growth with the benefit of enjoying her captivating photography skills.

17. Love Taza

For all the couples out there struggling in their debut to parenthood, this beautiful blog comes in quite handy to help you hack parenting life. Naomi, the creator of this blog, started it to help out a handful of friends and family, but her loved content made her blog an internet sensation landing it on the list of ‘Top 10 Blogs’ by Forbes. She shares helpful tips and advice to her readers about motherhood, parenting, and healthy nutrition plans for a healthy lifestyle. On her blog, lovetaza, you will find a lot of articles from decorating children’s rooms to managing the bunk beds, teaching children to cook, and a lot of diverse content.

18. TheFreshExchange

Run by Megan Gilger and her husband Mike, this blog shares some of the fantastic inner views to improve the lifestyle and fashion game of a person. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the travel articles, learn interior tips, tasty dish recipes, and beauty hacks to make your effort fruitful. The mom lifestyle blogger also doesn’t miss to give some helpful advice on parenthood and family life. The excellent content on this blog have also been featured in world-renowned outlets like Yahoo! News, Fly Wheel, The Huffington Post, and several others. You can also shop for several accessories, cooking equipment, fashion wears, handmade arts, and many more items from TheFreshExchange.

19. iJustine

Justine Ezarik, who founded the blog iJustine in 2002 during her college years, started creating video content on her blogs about Apple products. She gradually started widening the topic of content and started posting travel, tech, gaming, lifestyle, and culinary content on her blogs. Her influence began to grow, and she successfully attracted a massive number of readers for her matters, as of now, she is one of the most popular tech reviewers in the technical industry. Not just that, Justine was also listed in the list of ‘The Top 10 Tech & Business Influencer’ list by Forbes in 2017.


Jessica Doll, the author, and creator of HejDoll covers profound insights about the lifestyle and her trip to the exotic destinations across the world. She has also been honored with the title of the ‘Top 20 San Francisco Based Blogger’ by the travel blog Flip Key. Jessica, who herself is a professional photographer and a travel blogger, majorly focuses on topics like travel, lifestyle, and fashion on her blogs. Looking for some valuable information on those fields, take it from the professional expertise in the area with years of experience.


HBFIT, which is considered one of the top lifestyles and health blogs in the industry, stands for Health, Beauty, and Fitness. This blog covers all the topics from lifestyle hacks to health tips, which can help you improve your lifestyle. Run by the top influential blogger in the industry, Hannah Bronfman, this blog is created to support a wide range of people. Likely, this blog also has a massive presence on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where they share tons of beauty and health & fitness advice.

22. Cupofjo

Successfully landing itself on the ‘Top 10 lifestyle website for women’ list in Forbes, this blog site covers everything. You can find content related to lifestyle, parenthood, practical tips, culture, and many other more topics in Cupofjo. Founded by the full-time mom lifestyle blogger Joanna Goddard, this site has been inspiring and helping millions of people around the world with simple lifestyle and health guidance. Originally, Joanna had started this blog as a part-time hobby in 2007, covering helpful content, but, within a short time, its enormous growth attracted massive attention, and she quit her job to make it her full-time profession.

23. Huda Beauty

This blog was created by Huda Kattan to share her passion for make-up, beauty, and fashion. Huda always felt that vision could change the way a woman thinks about herself; she believes that beauty makes a woman fearless and unstoppable. So, on her blog Huda Beauty, Huda shares helpful beauty hacks and advice to meet the requirements of a person; furthermore, she also tests products and provides reviews about using them. You can also make purchases of the various kinds of beauty products from her website.

24. CamilleStyles

It is not so easy to find a blog that meets the needs of every reader, but there are few blogs like CamilleStyles which cover the diverse range of topics to include every kind of audience. Founded by Camille, a Texas-based lifestyle writer, this blog helps people to live a happy and healthy life. From improving lifestyle, travel destinations, healthy food, and tasty recipes to wardrobe tips, this blog has got everything to make it a top contender on the internet. Further, Camille is also the author of the bestselling book ‘Camille Styles Entertaining’ who pursuits the dream of inspiring her readers to chase their passion and creating the best version of themselves.

25. Barefoot Blonde

The Barefoot Blonde is another popular lifestyle blog founded by Amber Fillerup Clark. She documents every kind of topic from lifestyle, beauty to travel, and fashion in her blog. She always wanted to share her hairstyles as a creative outlet with others and began the journey of the Barefoot Blonde to live her dream. Amber started sharing her outfits and haircuts at the beginning and has turned it into an ultimate platform that covers distinct content in 10 years. Besides her popular blog, Amber is also the owner of two hairline businesses; BFB Hair, a hair extension company and DAC Hair hair care line.

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