To travel to a destination voluntarily without anybody's help is known as solo travel. Traveling is fun with friends and family but when we travel solo we feel a different kind of life experience. An individual will get a chance to explore and know things from a wider perspective. Not everyone has the guts to travel solo. A solo traveler has to deal with the consequences during his/her trip. Besides this, every new encounter with new things will be a lifetime experience. A feeling of self-esteem building capacity will increase during the solo travel trip. One doesn’t need the reassurance of anyone and can make decisions on their own. “You can walk for an hour or rest as much as you want according to your wish”. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you will be alone but rather you’ll get a chance to meet different people and know about their culture, tradition.

Traveling alone is really adventurous and risky at the same time. So, for your well managed and safe travel, I’ve collected some helpful tips and techniques which will surely help you out in your solo travel.

Things to know before Solo Travel

  • A clear study of destination before travel
  • Clothes according to the weather & duration of the trek
  • Pre-book your hotels
  • Make sure you are physically and mentally fit before traveling
  • Make sure you take a first aid kit with yourself
  • Carry sufficient amount of money
  • Pack up your needy materials like a torch, Swiss knife, e.t.c
  • Learn the local language if possible
  • Note down a list of emergency contact numbers in your notes and mobile phone
  • Get parental advice and authority
  • Make a travel itinerary
  • Leave travel itinerary to your friends and family
  • Pack up all your essential gadgets
  • Always be ready for plan B.

Things to know during Solo Travel

  • Try to communicate with locals and travelers
  • Don’t get too ambitious at the beginning  or end of the trip
  • Don’t avoid your own company
  • Don’t  over schedule
  • Do things you haven’t done in a group
  • Don’t get too drunk
  • Prefer hygienic and healthy food
  • Never show off how much wealth you have
  • Always pay attention and know your escapes in every situation.
  • Get in touch in your social media sites

Benefits of Solo Travel

  • Builds up self-confidence
  • Free to wander
  • Easy to talk and deal with people
  • Knowledge about people’s lifestyle and their living behavior
  • Makes you self dependent
  • You’ll get to know yourself better
  • Builds up your budget management skill
  • Traveling alone makes you more creative
  • Self-love
  • You don’t have to share food(as I’m Mr.Foodie)
  • Makes you proactive
  • Learn travel planning skills
  • Analysis of one’s strength and weakness
  • Provides you the space for a new imagination