There are tons of travel bloggers out there who are dedicating a few hours of their time or making it a full-time job to provide the information and not-to-miss beauties that you must witness at least once in a life from all over the world. It is really hard to pick or rank these talented bloggers because all of their efforts and dedication are to motivate people to travel and make the travel as smooth as possible with their helpful tips.

Here we have prepared a list of some of the best travel bloggers out there whom you should be following if you are a travel enthusiast.

1. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt who grew up in Boston is a travel blogger who helped the adventurer souls to get to better destinations but in a cost-efficient way of traveling without blowing much of their budget. His blogs have over 1million readers who plan their trips reading his reviews and take into consideration his helpful tips & teachings. Nomadic is also the New York Times bestselling author who is known for his famous book “How to Travel the World on $50 a day”. Further, he has been featured in popular platforms like National Geographics, The Guardian, CNN, and several others.

His blogs which cover almost every aspect of travel from packing, picking the right travel backpack, preparation tips, insurance, protecting oneself from scams, and so on, have helped him become one of the most beloved travel bloggers. Nomadic tries to target every kind of traveler and the nature of their expedition on his blogs like couple’s traveling, solo traveling, traveling with seniors, and fun family trips. This famous travel blogger who didn’t take his overseas trip until he was 23, now is making it up for all those unexplored years,  traveling all over the world. Besides giving helpful travel trips, he is also known to give the advice to help people build a career in the travel sector.

Jodi Ettenberg who runs her successful blog ‘Legal Nomads’ was practicing to be a lawyer until one day she decided to explore the world. She decided to take a whole year off to embark on the adventure of the world after saving up. However, after her expedition she didn’t join the law course ever again and decided traveling is how she wants to spend her days, not by getting stuck on a 9-5 job.

She started her blogs for her friend and family so they could have a taste of her adventurers virtually, but, they turned out to be universal hits later on. Jodi mostly shared about the food she tasted at the exotic destination on her travels; she believes that food is a way to bring people closer with each other’s culture and traditions. Her blogs are known to be helpful for finding the right kind of food for all people; you can even find the gluten-free restaurant card on her blog.

The resourceful and travel tips expert blogger has been featured in renowned platforms like National Geographic, the New York Times, Fast Company, CNN, BBC Travel, The Guardian, and several others. In addition to that, she has also been honored with awards like ‘North American Travel Journalism Awards’ for writing and photography, and ‘Lowell Thomas Awards’ for her fascinating blogs.

3. Backpacking Matt

Matt Kyhnn is known for his blog-’Backpacking Matt’ which is a popular travel blogger, the positive energy he puts on his travel and the beautiful photos of the destination are the major highlights on his blogs. He is a University of Iowa graduate who did BA in Political Science; Matt didn’t want to settle with a 9-5 job and opted to travel around the world instead.

Travelers can get specific destination traveling advice; learn about his experience and stories, travel reviews of different locations, and also a lot of motivation to set out on their own journey. He has set out on exploration all over the world, however, he does specialize in the adventures you can have in New Zealand. Matt visited New Zealand in 2010 and described it as the most beautiful place in the world he had ever witnessed; he later decided to permanently live in a beautiful country. You can also find a lot of articles about the beauty of New Zealand on his posts and the lifestyle of the country that he finds alluring. Matt is also the founder of New Zealand’s largest travel planning and booking website called Planit NZ where he shares information and stories of his adventures around New Zealand and across the world.

4. Dan Flying Solo

Daniel James is a British travel photographer and writer who works on regular for the popular network LonelyPlanet and Skyscanner. His blog Dan Flying Solo is quite popular for his amazing writing skills as well as the picturesque photographs he takes on his travels. Spending over three years on his travel, Dan shares stories of his travel and tips to his readers who are looking to visit the destination.

Before making it big as a travel blogger, Dan used to work in a restaurant; he left his job, took a camera, set out on a journey to explore the world, and never looked back. Because of his amazing photography skills, his works have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Beautiful Destination, Matador Network, and Travel Channel. His blogs are taken as inspiration for people to embark on adventures to explore the world and that there are a lot of things that we need to witness in this lifetime. Although Dan is a popular travel blogger across the globe, his work is quite big in Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

5. Mel. Melissa Giroux

Mel is a Canadian travel blogger; she started the travel blog ‘A Broken Backpack Travel Blog’. She started traveling across the world in 2014 and featuring different parts of the world in her blogs. Mel has dedicated her blogs and made it all about the long-term traveling goals; you can find blogs related to super cheap trips to luxurious travels on her blog sites.

This famous blogger is not just known for traveling all around the world, she has also lived in the places she has written about; Mel lived for two years in Australia, several months in South Asia, about a year in the United Kingdom, and is currently residing in Bali. Therefore, her blogs cover detailed information about the major attractions as well as other locations of the country she visits with several tips to have smooth adventures. Besides that, as she excels at living for quite long in foreign countries, Mel also gives advice for the travelers on how to land themselves on occasional works and keep funding their travels. This beautiful Canadian doll is known for her positive energetic posts, beautiful smile, and warm heart; she has also been featured in Matador Network, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and many more making her one of the most inspiring female backpackers.

6. Matthew Karsten

Matthew Karsten is an American travel blogger who launched the blog ‘Expert Vagabond’. He also has a quite interesting story about how he came to be a travel blogger; Matthew a Business Degree graduate decided to sell all of his possessions and leave the US to travel for a year. He bought his ticket to Guatemala to set out on the exploration and that was it, his adventure has been going on for almost nine years ever since. He features his travel to different destinations like Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Polar Regions, and North America on his blogs, Matthew is also known to provide travel resources and tips to his readers so they can have easy trips.

Matthew also gives photography tips to his readers like the tricks to take better photos and the best photography gadgets to carry on a trip. Furthermore, Matthew also talks about the ways to get cheap flights and cheap hotels, ways to save money during the trip, and how to get travel jobs where people are paid for traveling. This famous blogger has mentioned that he aims to teach people that making beautiful is more important than collecting possessions.

7. The Blonde Abroad

Keirsten runs the blog ‘The Blonde Abroad’, she is known as the solo female traveler who travels all over the world guiding and encouraging the female solo travelers. She is a California native who left her job at corporate wealth management to embark on the journey of soul searching which changed the course of her life forever.

This female solo traveler experienced the power of solo traveling for the first time after she took a break from her career and spent three months traveling in the destinations like Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Bali, New Zealand, and Cambodia in 2011. Since then, she decided to continue her journey and become a professional travel blogger. As of now,  Keirsten has traveled over 70 countries and shared tips on her blog with women from all over the world.  She is also known to share the packing guides, videos, and photographs from her travel all around the world. Also, she works for some of the top brands and sponsors from the different corners of the world and has been featured on Forbes, Matador Network, Huffington Post, and many other famous networks as well as magazines. Her powerful content and outstanding photography skills put her on the top list of solo female travelers.

8. The Voyageur

‘The Voyageur’ which is managed by the French beauty, Pauline, who is a photographer, fashion designer, and an art director, is certainly a piece of art. Her blogs are quite famous for beautiful travel destinations, amazing photography skills, and her fashion sense. She features her travel to countries like Austria, Brazil, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and so on, her blogs give her readers an idea about what not to miss on their journey destination she has traveled to.

Her blogs are renowned for her unique itinerary sections where she posts snapshots of what to do in those exotic destinations for a couple of days, her blogs are pretty handy for the travelers to plan their itineraries regarding the specialty of the destination.  Pauline has also been known for letting her readers to the hotel and homes where they can consider eating or staying during their travel, a complete full-on guide indeed. In addition to her popular blogs, the multi-talented travel blogger and artist has decorated her gallery, food, art, and architecture section in her blog with her creativity and amazing arts; you can witness the arts, attractions, culture & traditions, tasty delicious cuisine featured on her blogs from all over the world in those sections.

9. Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is an Arizona native who has been a travel blogger after leaving his college and making it a full-time career. He is also a social media star who documents his travel on his Youtube channel and other social platforms. He has traveled over 191 countries providing his details and specialty about those destinations on his blogs and vlogs.

This famous travel blogger has worked for several brands and sponsors successfully securing a position among the top bloggers. Drew is also a part of the GoPro Family and has worked for famous publications like Elite Daily and Huffington Post.

10. Stephaine Be

The creator of ‘Travel Break’, Stephaine Be is a California girl who traded her corporate American job for venturing the world and has never looked back. She writes her blogs to inspire the people to step out of their comfort zones and start exploring this beautiful world. Her passion for motivating people, visiting exotic locations, and entrepreneurship goals have taken her to the top list of travel bloggers in the world. Stephaine has traveled over 205 destinations across the world, she also lived as an ex-pat overseas, worked as a digital nomad, and eventually started two high-growth businesses in the tourism sector.

The beautiful blogger believes that traveling is not just the places we visit but also the people we meet along the journey and the person we become. The award-winning travel blogger has also been featured on CNN and has written for several media like Elite Daily, Huffington Post, Matador Network including Forbes, and many more. The travel blogger who comes from the marketing background is very popular for her social media contents and she really does it well. Nonetheless, she is also a very talented content creator and writer, and a great photographer.