Hiking is generally walking with an energy usually on trails in the countryside. These days, most people are going on a hike to spend some of their time outdoors. It is becoming more popular after the pandemic COVID-19 as people feel suffocated sitting indoors for a long time.

Photo courtesy:Bikram Bhatta
Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

It seems like a current travel trend.Hiking in nature is good for our  bodies,moods, minds, and relationships, too. Hiking is good for the physical as well as mental health.Hiking is happiness and adventure together. Here are some reasons to take a hike.

1.Opportunity to Explore The New Places

Pic Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta
Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

Exploring a new place is a great joy. We always have a unique experience in contact with every further aspect of the world. Hiking offers an opportunity to explore a new destination or place.

Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

Whether the hiking is towards the mountain trail, wild woods, or any beautiful waterfalls, you will feel worth it. You will see the beauty of the natural, the cultural, and other aspects of the place. Go outside on a hike a and trail that you’ve never walked before. Exploring and finding new things is incredible.

2.Feel the Fresh Nature

Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

Nothing is more refreshing than fresh air. Whether you live in the outskirts or in the town;inhaling the fresh air, and breathing in nature is an incredible feeling. It feels refreshing and energizing. The environment is getting polluted with various smoke, chemicals, dust, and many more. These ways, we inhale exhausted air, which can be dangerous for our health. It may even cause deadly problems such as carcinogenicity.

So Refreshed!

So, it’s good to go on a hike and immerse in a refreshing environment. Take your time and breathe in the fresh air. Mother nature has many things to offer during your walk that will be revitalizing, refreshing, and good for health.

3. The views are always worth it.

Hiking is walking into nature. We hike through different trails and soak into the mother nature. Going outdoors brings you into a beautiful environment among the woods, mountains, trees, lakes, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, caves, and many more. Hikers get to see the breathtaking views of the beautiful nature with the refreshing feel.

Simba Falls,Lalitpur

People generally choose the destination which has fantastic and exhilarating views. You can go for a hike almost everywhere with proper information and the right gear. Hiking may be exhausting and painful, but the views are always worth it! You will forget your tiredness meanwhile.


4. Make friends while hiking

Hiking is healthy, and people are very aware of it. The consciousness of people is making hiking more prevalent in a hectic society. The hiking community is organized through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. Creating a group through Facebook and other social media allows so many people to come together and make new friends.

The hiking programs make people take out time from their busy lives, inviting others, and prospering friendships. Going for a hike is similar to organizing small social gatherings. It helps in cherishing the bonding between hikers. During hiking, I have made many new friends, and some are now my genuine friends among my circles. Going out on a hike with family, friends, and neighborhoods helps in building strong relationships.

I have so many beautiful and funny experiences with new people and old friends who are good memories for life.If you have not experienced yet, try it once. Go for a hike and create bonding with people. It might change your perspective of your life.

5. Hiking is good for health and improves fitness

Hiking and climbing is an excellent form of exercise. It needs energy and stamina walking all day. It’s not always easy getting from one point to another on foot with a backpack. Indoor or outdoor, every exercise is good for us. Hiking improves health and fitness. Walking in nature allows our mind to work freely in a creative way.

An hour of hiking a day burns calories depending on your speed and intensity, making you feel great. It’s my preferred method of cardiovascular exercise. It increases stamina, muscle strength, reduces blood pressure, relieves stress, gets your heart rate up, and increase longevity. Hiking doesn’t just feel good; it also provides extra oxygenation to our brain, which is beneficial.

Hiking is not only fun but also an adventure. Walking through the trails may bring different unpredictable moments. During the rainy season, the slippery way, the overhanging twigs, branches, rough rocks, and mosses in the water and stones, the encounter of wild animals crossing your path, and hidden hurdles and obstacles may face many troubles. So, we need to be careful throughout the route, which requires the concentration of mind handling and passing out such problems. It helps to keep your mind concentrated and sharper.

Go for a hike and let your body, mind, and heart enjoy. Stay fit, sharp, and healthy.

6.Source of Vitamin D

Enjoy the sunshine

Walking into nature is refreshing and revitalizing. All-day walking in the open nature makes us exhausted and tired. The exposure in the sunlight for a long time gives us a golden tan. Meanwhile, it will also provide us the proper amount of oxygen and Vitamin D, which is necessary for good health. Vitamin D absorbs calcium and phosphorous in facilitating a healthy immunity system. Vitamin D is vital for the deposit minerals in bones and teeth and develops them. Sunshine is a prime source of vitamin D, and it is beneficial for your health. Good health means you are a happy and healthy person. Go out in the sunshine and take the “Happy Vitamin.”Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen.

Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

7. Hiking gives you an escape from the hectic world

In today’s materialistic world, people are busy with their works and duties all day. The busy schedules, the material things, hectic jobs, crowded traffics, and many more bounds our lives. Such conditions often disturb our inner peace and mind and often lead to depression. Nature is calm in itself. Spending time outdoors and walking in nature helps to reduce anxiety, stress and also helps protect against depression. You will feel inner peace and relaxation, allowing you a break away from your hectic day-to-day life.

You can go anywhere- from a city park to higher mountain trails for hiking. Wherever you go, the walk into calm nature gives you a feeling of happiness. Leave the stress aside and for a hike, and live in the moment. In the lap of a peaceful environment, you can even think about making the most crucial decision.

Working all week is stressful and also crucial for earning a living in society. But, you can take a break from your busy schedules once a week for a hike. I will assure you, you will feel like an” Escape from the Hectic World.”You will enjoy it and be happy.

7.Makes you feel alive and create a positive relationship with nature

Hiking merely is feeling alive. We have lost inner peace in the world of technology and a luxurious materialistic world. We are attached to our technologies, ensuring our comfort and pleasure. Thus, we’ve lost somewhere in this busy world and getting monotonous. Go somewhere for a hike and see how the Earth looks like apart from your busy world. You’ll feel good to be in the fresh air and feel alive.

The places you will reach will help you seek a sense of more profound value for yourself and nature bringing more confidence in you. Hiking to the natural world beyond your buildings makes you feel alive and makes you appreciate the planet as home.

Hiking develops positive personal connections with nature and increases our relationship with nature.It motivates us to protect nature, and we are more likely to have conservation efforts. Experiences in a natural environment like hiking can be mutually beneficial to the individual and the Earth.

8. Hiking makes you feel mindfulness and pleasure

We are always busy with something; rushing to work to home and vice versa and other tasks. We are still in a rush in this busy world and have very little time for self, and we don’t notice simple things around us; we miss much good stuff. Go hiking and give rest to your mind.

Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

Take the time to appreciate the things in nature. Get lost in nature and see the beauty in it. See the animals, insects, birds, birds, flowers, and woods enjoying its wildlife. Enjoy every pour of the rain; the sound and motion of the waterfalls. Pick up stones on your way that looks cool. Notice many good things in your trails. You will feel mindfulness and pleasure at the present moment. There are so many beautiful shapes in the world that you’ll miss it.

9. May meet someone special

People go on hiking with a reason. Some may be passionate, whereas they may have their perspective. You may meet someone special in your hiking. We often see many good people finding their soulmates while traveling around in the outdoors. Even my friend, Prakash, met a girl(now wife) on a hiking tour. Anything can happen.No one knows; who you may encounter in the wilderness. A wild beast or someone special!

Photo Courtesy:Bikram Bhatta

The beautiful trees, flowing streams, and the serenity of nature will make us feel alive and smile. So, get off your desk and go on a hike and find something that makes you smile from your inner heart. You’ll feel the sense of the creativity, physical fitness within you, and mutual relationships connection with the natural world.

Carry your water bottle, a backpack, and go for a hike. If you need a friend, invite him/her. However, the routes may be unsafe, so always be careful and take proper precautions. Remember to carry a first aid kit wherever you go.

If you haven’t gone yet, you won’t regret it. Hiking will be worth it.