Garden of Dreams can tell you a lot on your own. You must ask yourself a few questions, what is the garden like? Was it? What did you find inside? What was the mood in the garden? Was it a nice place? Scary? Did you feel threatened? Assessing Garden of Dreams may provide you insight into your subconscious perspectives about your own lifetime and what you might encounter inside.

Garden of dreams is neoclassical historical located at the mid of Kathmandu City, Tridevi Sadak Thamel. Garden of dreams also known as Swopna Bagaicha in Nepali. It covers an area of 6,895 m2 (74,220 sq ft). The Garden has been serving as a major tourist spot inside the valley. The garden is very quiet and refreshing and it has been as one of the best spots for meditating and is one of the places where you can go to refresh your mind from the busy life of the Valley. In the garden, we can see many statues of elephants, and flowers of different types which are the major attraction of the garden.

The Garden has been supporting as a major Heritage for the promotion of Tourism inside Kathmandu City. Garden of dreams is also known as the garden of Six Seasons. The Garden has remained as one of the most serene and most beautiful enclaves in Kathmandu. There are different small ponds with beautiful flowers on them. There are dozens of gorgeous details in the garden, the original gate, is a marble inscription from Omar Khayam’s Rubaiyat, the new fountains and ponds, and ‘hidden garden’ to the south. Many squirrels are found there which enhance the beauty of the Garden. At first, it was of 1.6 hectares and of 6 pavilions but now only half a hectare and three pavilions are remaining.

There is one entrance gate. We can see the ticket counter as we enter the gateway. The per person price of internal tourist is Rs.100 and the per person price of external tourist is Rs.200. The entrance is very easy there. After a few steps from the ticket counter, you will be able to observe a beautiful fountain on your right.

Garden of dreams was created by the late Kaiser Sumsher Rana in 1920. Firstly it was a private garden of Kaiser Sumsher Rana but later on, it was established as a public place. The Garden was beautifully designed and inspired by the famous Edwardian style. The Garden was designed and supervised by a famous artist Kishore Narshingh designer and builder of Singha Durbar.

Kaiser Sumsher created a beautiful ensemble of pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture. He put together six impressive pavilions, each dedicated to one of the six seasons of Nepal. These pavilions provided the Garden's architectural framework and lent a cosmopolitan flavor to the formal arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Today, only half of the original garden is in existence. Garden of Dreams is a place of unique architect and varieties of flowers and fauna brought from the different countries. In the Garden, there are smalls and beautiful statues of Elephant and other animals.